How to Tackle the Shedding Of Your Dog

One of the major problems that pet parents face is fur or dog hair. When your dog sheds, the fur can get on the furniture, clothes, floor and also in the kitchen. Shedding is a normal and natural phenomenon but it is troublesome for pet owners.

 In the case of dogs, shedding is a natural way to remove old hair. The amount of shedding depends on the breed of the dog. German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retriever shed more when the seasons are changing whereas smaller breeds like Pug, Poodles have a shedding cycle that runs throughout the year.

Factors that can cause untimely and irregular shedding

Hair shedding is normal but sometimes your dog can shed excessively because of conditions like stress, poor nutrition or medical problems.

 A few of the common causes for unnatural shedding are-

  •  Vitamin deficiency diet
  •   Improper nutrition
  •  Fungal infections
  •  Bacterial infections
  •  Allergies
  •  Tick infestation
  •  Cancer treatment
  •  Kidney problems
  •  Liver problems

How to control how to keep shedding in control?

 If pet owners follow these healthy practices then shedding can be kept under control.

High-quality diet- It is absolutely necessary to feed quality food to your dog. A healthy diet plays an important role in controlling shedding. If your dog is on a dry food diet then choosing high-quality food that is balanced in fibre and protein helps a lot in controlling the shedding. If your dog is on a home-prepared diet ensure that the nutritional value is balanced this will help to prevent the skin from getting dry control the hair fall.

Always keep an eye for ticks and flea – Bathe your dog regularly and check for fleas and ticks. If your dog is infested then use a flea and tick shampoo. Besides this, you can also use a flea and tick collar to get rid of the parasites.

Regularly groom your dog- Regular grooming is a good practice that will remove the loose, dead hair and reduce the amount of shedding. Use a dog brush for grooming and groom your pet at least once a day.

Deshedding tool- During the seasonal shedding uses a deshedding tool to remove the dead hair and the old fur from your dog this can also help to keep fleas and ticks at bay.