Importing into Canada: The customs broker advantage!

As a commercial importer, your eventual goal is to earn profits. However, importing goods into Canada isn’t the easiest process. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is in charge of facilitating the movement of goods and people, and all necessary compliance requirements must be adhered to. The big question is – Do you need to hire a customs broker? As far as regulations are concerned, it is not mandatory to hire one. However, working with a known service, such as Clearit import brokers, has advantages that are hard to deny. In this post, we are sharing more on why customs brokers matter to importers.

International trade laws can be confusing 

International trade is often too complicated to comprehend, especially for new importers. Relations between countries can change in no time, and the ongoing global pandemic has only complicated things further. Importers often have their concerns about how and what can be imported into Canada, and that’s where customs brokers can help. They know the changing rules, regulations, laws, and other aspects of international trade, and they can help in easing business for importers. Your customs broker can also double up as a consultant, where they advise on mitigating risks and taking calculated decisions. 

Get more automated tools

A consider chunk of a customs broker’s work is done online. As a customer, you can find a bunch of automated tools, which can be quite handy. From calculating taxes and duties online, to quick HS code search, you can find options for almost everything. Of course, not all imports are same, and your customs broker can guide further on all border-related issues. 

Avoiding the mistakes

The CBSA isn’t kind to mistakes and documentation errors related to imports. If you don’t pay the duties and taxes as applicable, or end up making paperwork mistakes, you may end up paying more to clear your imports. Smart importers prefer to work customs brokers, because they can have expertise to avoid penalties and save on costs, where possible. Also, customs brokers can ensure that goods are cleared at the earliest and in a seamless manner, which is critical for success of importing businesses. 

Final word

There is no denying that customs brokers are relevant to importers and exporters in many ways. How do you choose one over others? The best advice would be to check what a customs broker can offer, and whether the service is technologically advanced. Also, do check reviews and customer testimonials to compare your options.