How to be Sure if an Online Casino is Legit and Regulated?

How to be Sure if an Online Casino is Legit and Regulated

The idea of playing online casino games from the comfort of home appeals to many people. You can play for short periods as often as you like without undertaking a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino. Given the last 18 months’ events, doing things online has become a popular preference. Many gamblers are happy to follow suit since it is safer, preventing unnecessary exposure to crowds and super-spreader events. But before you take a plunge, ensure that you are gambling at a legit, regulated online casino. Here is how:

Check state legislation

Not all states have legalized online gambling, and USA online casinos may only operate in states that have. These include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Delaware. State Gaming Control Boards regulate online casinos much like their land-based counterparts.

Whether virtual or physical, state regulators have strict compliance regulations that operators must follow to get and retain a gaming license. Any failure to adhere to the rules could result in a casino losing its right to operate. If you are unsure about an online casino’s veracity, check your State Gaming Control Board’s website to determine if it is licensed. The casino’s license number should also appear on its website. Compare the two numbers and ensure that they concur.

Established presence

While a new casino operator might persuade you to sign up, the best advice is to stick with one that has an established reputation and presence. Many existing casino companies are launching online operations, and their proven track record proves persuasive to many would-be users.

While all you need to play online casino games are a good laptop or smart device and a stable internet connection, ensure that you investigate a service provider first. Examine the online casino’s terms and conditions, payout policies, and commitment to internet safety rules. These should be aligned to state legislative requirements and protect players and casino operators.


Online reviews do not paint an entire picture about a product, although they can be pretty informative. Many people who have had a bad experience with an online casino or have been trapped in a scam will vent their frustrations by writing negative reviews.

While you cannot solely rely on reviews to determine if a casino is legit, a string of messages claiming it is not should set off warning bells. Further investigation might be necessary before committing to a site.