French Bulldogs and their Ability to Swim – Is it Possible

French bulldogs are smart and sweet in nature. They are domestic dogs and you can keep one. Some French bulldogs also have a mushy face just like the pugs, but that is only on the forehead. Pugs cannot swim in the water as they have difficulty in breathing. Similarly, the French bulldogs also cannot swim in the water. Many people think that they can swim because they overheat easily. In addition, during summers water is one of the best places for them to cool down their bodies. So, it can happen that, your French bulldog wants to swim in the water and might even get tempted to jump, but there is one pivotal thing that you should know is that they cannot swim at any cost. They also have difficulty in swimming.

French Bulldogs and Swimming

So, the people who have this question, “Can French bulldogs swim”? should know that they do not know to swim. Many reasons are there as to why a French bulldog cannot swim. One of the reasons for the same is their size, they have a compact size, and short legs, and little snout, and these dogs are not made for swimming in the water in any way. They are small dogs and you can carry them like a doll in your hands and arms. If ever your dog is near water and by chance, if they jump into the water, then they will simply sink like a stone. Plus, if your bulldog knows to swim a little bit and you think that they can swim, then you are wrong because they will not be able to manage for a very long time in the water.

Bulldogs and Love for Water

Plus, once the bulldog starts drowning or going under the water, they will not be able to swim to the surface. Apart from that, do you know what is the saddest part? The saddest part is that the French bulldogs love water like anything. So, one of the best things that you can do for them is to keep them in a small pool of water, like in a small tub where they cannot drown and they can sit and splash water on themselves and play with it. To know more about them check out – Also, it is important to check out that the bulldog has a pool of water that is safe for them and don’t take the bulldogs to the beach or pools in any way.

Use a Life Jacket

Many would think that the French bulldogs can float in water. But the answer is that they cannot float due to their body weight and also due to the shape of the body and the density of the muscles. Most of the bulldogs have muscles in their body than fat and are also heavy which makes it near to not possible for them to float on the water. It is natural for them to sink down. Also, it is important that you never leave your bulldog unattended in the pool of water. But there are many ways in which your French bulldog can enjoy paddling in the water or floating in the water without being drowned. One such easy way is using Life Jackets