Two watch brands to go for if you want to wear class and elegance 

Gone are the days when watches were worn out of utility. Now they have not only become a style statement and but an epitome of class, luxury, and sophistication. Not to forget the souvenirs of love, memory, and relationships. In a nutshell, watches are more than just a mechanical instrument with a metal bracelet and no outfit is complete without a voguish watch on the wrist especially for men.

Crafted with great detail and magnificence, and keeping in mind the century-old mechanical tradition, these two top branded watches have been on the run with elegance, grace, and panache:

  1. Esprit

Born in 1968 in San Francisco, Esprit has been dominating the world of fashion since then. Known for their classy, chic clothing around the world, they offer the best watch collection for the Haute monde who breathe the very air of style, elegance, and aristocracy. Held by the pillars of freedom of choice, equality, and sustainability, the brand offers products with a motif to spread joy through carefully selected, fashionable watches that are not only timeless in their essence but the very build.

The brand is held by Esprit Holdings, which reported 1 Billion Euro sales between 2019-2020. Already a gamechanger in the fashion clothing industry, the brand is taking the world by storm with its great selection of wristwatches that are built with a focus on mechanics and design. The Esprit men’s watches have been associated with class, perfection, and refinement in the fashion milieu.

  1. Orient

Carrying the Mechanical tradition on the back, Orient has been an in-flavor brand for all the watch lovers who prefer design and detail over everything else. Although officially founded in 1950, its story began in 1901 with a small wholesale watch shop opened by Shogoro Yoshida in Uena. The small shop awaiting huge success sold imported pocket watches back then. In 1912, the shop started manufacturing gold wristwatch cases and then wall clocks in 1920. It was finally in 1934, that they expanded their operations and started manufacturing wristwatches. In 1950, the operations led to the founding of the company Toyo Tokei, of which the Orient watches are the signature products. Ever since then, the brand has only been climbing ladders to reach where it is today.

The brand does not only speak of class and fashion but narrates to the world a story of hard work, perseverance, dreams, and success. Its great selection of wristwatches reflects craftsmanship in every chunk of high-quality metal they are made of. They are popularly known for their skeleton models that borrow inspiration from mechanical watch tradition only to fuse it with the style and fashion requirements of the cosmopolitan era.


             If you are a sucker for vintage, classic fashion in wristwatches, these are the two top branded watches companies to go for and never look elsewhere in the future.