Rolex Watches – Repair and Maintenance

Rolex watches are appropriate for every event and assure that you are dressed up well. If you are a watch lover and collects different styles of watches, that will grow your collection to your wardrobe.  

If you have a large collection of watches, they must be looked after well. Getting a watch case will help you maintain all types of watches and makes it easy to organize. Rolex watches are a good collection of watches that lasts long and perfect for every occasion.  There are few things that affects your watch, such as wind, water, dust and more. It is not hard to maintain a watch, if you love watches. As often as possible clean your watches with a soft cloth and wipe the band as well as the watch case to remove dirt. Regardless of warranty, servicing your watch regularly for every three years, that will help your watch to function well. Keeping your watch close to magnet affects watch’s timekeeping negatively. Some of the watches are water resistant till 50 meters deep, know your watch’s limit before you go deep. Even though your watch is not water resistant, they can handle small splashes of water, but it is anyways best to avoid that too. Watches with leather band avoid getting it wet, as it will weaken the leather band. Taking good care of watch crystal will prevent them from banging against walls, cupboards or other objects and leading to scratches. However, in case of any need, you may always reach out to the rolex repair singapore professionals.

Things to Avoid

Every brand of watches, come in with a box that is intended to pack, carry and store your precious watch. It is one of the best way’s to store your watch in that box in which your watch came. Ensure you always place the crystal on its side will avoid getting scratches on it. Avoid exposing your watches to sunlight or heat for longer hours, as heat will degrades the battery life. Avoiding your watches to get in direct contact with chemicals, perfume, cleaning supplies, oils, and other strong chemicals will lasts your watch for long duration. Because, chemicals can damage all types of watches. Perfumes damage leather belts of watch, leading them tear faster. Wear your watch only after your perfume dries out completely after you spray it. To be simple, you should wear your watch lastly. Always consult a watchmaker to open your watch to avoid exposing your watch to dust, dirt or other harmful particles. Almost every watch manual will have its own tips and specifications to maintain it properly.