Hair Treatment For Bollywood Stars And All

Hair loss or baldness at an early age could leave one with some demoralizing result, and could even deprive one of some opportunities – the experience of Shweta Tripathi in Gone Kesh should strike a chord in this respect. Despite the notable fame, the life of a celebrity comes with stress that could bring about hair loss. More so, the occasion of attempting to look camera-perfect that warrant the use of certain chemicals on the hair may lead to thinning or outright loss of hair. Hair loss can also be caused by hormonal disturbances, genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, and certain medications.

While Bollywood stars like Paras Chhabra could be fine with using extensions, others like Salman Khan, Himesh Reshammiya, Paresh Ganatra, and Hardy Sandhu have visited the best hair doctors to have their hair loss treated. In some cases, you see these celebrities traveling out of the country to get a solution, but the truth is that you can have the hair treatments in mumbai.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: This hair treatment is premised on the benefits derived from certain elements [that encourage the growth of hair] contained in the blood plasma. The adoption in the treatment/management of hair loss is pretty new, and its use comes with some caution as it is not all hair doctors that are convinced about its prospect in ensuring a good recovery of hair after a loss or fall.

Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is another protocol that is now being utilized in treating hair loss and hair fall in men and women. It involves the use of special devices to deliver low-level heat to the area of the scalp where the loss is localized, and as a result of this, the flow of blood to that part is improved thus the hair regrowth process is triggered.

Hair Transplantation: A lot of celebrities that are faced with baldness or hair loss have often gone for hair transplantation – even though the best possible outcome may not be guaranteed in some cases. Hair transplantation has to do with harvesting hair follicles from the part of the scalp that is blossoming with hair and transferring them to the part with scarce hair. The fact that hair transplantation procedures are invasive means complications such as scarring, swelling, and bleeding cannot be ruled out. As a matter of emphasis, this sort of hair treatment must be overseen by highly experienced hair doctors and cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Debraj Shome who is renowned for his expertise both home and abroad.

QR678 Treatment: This form of best hair treatment in india involves the use of a scientifically developed solution, QR678 that was prepared through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Debraj ShomeDr. Rinky Kapoor, and other hair specialists at The Esthetic Clinics. This FDA-approved formulation (QR678) is now vastly employed in treating the hair loss and baldness of men and women in India, and some other parts of the world. It is quite potent in putting a stop to hair loss and then promoting hair re-growth. 

Best hair treatment in Mumbai, India for hair loss, fall in men and women by QR678, The Esthetic Clinics

Best hair treatment in Mumbai, India for hair loss, fall in men and women by QR678, The Esthetic Clinics

QR678 is presently about one of the less expensive and highly effective hair loss therapy available today. 

To find out more about how QR678 treatment works to give a satisfactory hair re-growth, watch below video

To see how QR 678 work, See the below video-

You might have tried different means of hair fall treatment to get your hair back to normal to no avail – we understand how frustrating that is. But if the celebrities you so admire can beat their hair loss problem, you too can do so at an affordable rate today. So, we encourage you to give that hair treatment course one more try by visiting us at The Esthetic Clinics.