Why is Carrom not in the Olympics? Read this to know and explore the games.

When we look at the Olympic games, we may have a clue why Carrom is not in the Olympics. The Olympics have been there since history, and they are held annually. If you look at the games included in the Olympics, they involve a lot of physical energy. Games like athletics and gymnastics cannot be compared with Carrom.

Carrom is a table game played by flicking a coin with a finger. The players sit opposite each other, around the carrom board. If you are an expert at Carrom, consider playing the game in Getmega and winning real money.

Reasons why Carrom is not in the Olympics.

Apart from physical energy, there are other standards of qualification that it misses to be included in the Olympics.

Carrom is not competitive.

For an activity to be included in the Olympics, it must be validated by the International Olympic Committee. After this, the game’s competitiveness is tested by the international sports federation. At this level, Carrom is opted out because games like baseball are sports, yet they have been omitted from the Olympics, unlike soccer that is highly competitive.

International popularity

Any game to qualify for the Olympics should have a certain percentage of the world population’s participation. According to the Olympic rules, women must play a sport in at least forty countries across three continents. While the involvement of men should be in no less than seventy-five countries worldwide, Looking at the statistics of Carrom, it’s evident that it does not meet the requirement because it’s a middle-east game. Also, the highest percentage of players are men, which means there is no gender balance.

There is also the issue of sponsorship, media interest, and spectators. The sport should have many sponsors, spectators, and media interest.

Carrom is dependent on mechanical propulsion.

This is another reason why Carrom is not in the Olympics. The Olympic charter banned all games that used mechanical propulsion, which is a movement that is caused by an applied force. If you look at how Carrom is played, the pocketing of carrom men will depend on how much force you apply to the striker. This regulation has made games like chess and golf not qualify as Olympic sports.

It is not a member of the international sports federation (IF). 

For a sport to qualify as “Olympic,” it must be a member of IF. It determines which sports to go for in various sections of the Olympics. Carrom is not a member. Therefore it cannot qualify to be in the Olympics.

Key elements of the Olympic games.

For a game to be part of the Olympics, it must have the following:

Proposal: The proposal for the game should include the following details of the sport.

  • The history of the sport
  • The highest level of competition in any continental or world championship
  • the number of national federations.

Popularity: An Olympic sport should attract a lot of attention from the media, audiences, and financiers. The top Olympians should show some interest in the sport.

Financial Report: the financial status of the sport must be sustained. It includes the source of income, expenditures, and balance. This is important because registering a broken sports club will be a liability to the program.

The value it adds to the Olympics is that the sport should reflect the actual image of the Olympics.

Institutional structure: this includes objectives, gender balance, leadership structure, financial status, and assets.


Do you still wonder why Carrom is not in the Olympics? The above information explains why it is not in the Olympics. However, some requirements can be achieved with time and make one eligible for the Olympics. At the same time, some conditions ban the sport from the Olympics, like how the game is played. You can play Carrom and other casual games on GetMega to win real cash.

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