Where is Dubai airport, and which beaches to visit in Dubai?

Here we are going to discuss where is Dubai airport located and why is it good.

Also, we will discuss which is the beach that you need to visit in Dubai city.

Where is Dubai airport located, and why is it the best?

The Dubai interelnational airport is located 4Km from Southeast Dubai, and you can go there anytime.

The only thing is that you can only enter inside the airport if you have a flight to catch.

Otherwise, you can only stay outside of the airport, and in some areas, photography is not.

This is because in some areas of the airport there is some work going on or it is a private place.

There they do different kinds of things which they wish to remain unseen or hidden.

This is why they don’t allow pictures in some spaces due to privacy issues.

Those who are found disobeying this order will be arrested by the Dubai police and sent to jail.

This has not yet happened to anyone because all the people need to follow the rules to stay safe.

This means that if you get into trouble, there is no guarantee about the time you might spend in jail.

There are many different ways in which you can travel from the airport to different places.

This is because of the availability of transportation like buses, cabs and also metro.

Dubai is a very big city, and there are around 1 million people that visit their country almost every year.

There are two terminals in the Dubai international airport.

Terminal 1 is for the people that take public flights like airbus and come to Dubai.

Terminal 2 is the special one which is only for chartered flights and also private jets etc.

Which is the best beach to visit in Dubai?

One of the best beaches that you can visit in Dubai is called the Jumeirah beach.

Jumeirah Beach is located near Jumeirah street and is one of the best beaches in Dubai.

This is why all the Dubai beach holidays packages have this beach included because of its fame and name.

Here there are many places where there are chairs and tables which have shade on them.

This makes space for the people to sit, relax and also, they can enjoy food on these tables.

The best thing is that you can enjoy the food while sitting alongside the water listening to its sounds.

This is known to be one of the most relaxing places in Dubai and is hence the best beach.

They have a footpath which they have created on the side, and they have street lights along the path.

These light up the path and then allow the people to walk over there in the day and also in the night.

The Jumeirah beach is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

You can go to this beach using either a cab or you can even rent your expensive car.