Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about MCA in India

Future information technology (IT) workers can gain a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training with the Master of Computer Applications (MCA), a well-known advanced post-graduate degree in computer science. An MCA curriculum lasts for two years, during which ‌students gain the most demanded, up-to-date IT professional skills required to create computer programs for various businesses.

Based on prior educational experiences, MCA graduates have many employment prospects. However, students and parents may often had many questions in their minds, if you do too, here are some of the most common MCA FAQs and their answers.

What is MCA?

MCA is a 2-year master’s degree in computers, it is “Master in Computer Application.” It goes by the names PGDCA, PGDIT, etc. in some institutions. It provides vast knowledge of computer applications, software, tool development, etc. Candidates are provided with up-to-date industry-standard knowledge and information about computer applications and hardware.

What are the scopes after MCA?

MCA has a significant amount of potential throughout India. In the coming years, demand for MCA candidates is anticipated to rise because of the rapid growth in the IT and technology industries. Candidates with an MCA degree may get employment in prestigious IT companies and professional organizations. Post MCA, a candidate can easily get into the government or private sectors. MCA is a professional and technical degree, and the knowledge they carry is impossible to replace. Depending on their skills and certifications, they can select from a variety of jobs after MCA such as,

  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Network Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Database Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Web Developer

What are the many MCA specialisations I can choose from?
An MCA degree offers a variety of topics to specialise in during the candidate’s final year or semester of the two-year study. Let us ‌look at  MCA course details:

  • Information Systems Management (MIS)
  • Technology Development
  • Engineering of Systems
  • Networking
  • Internet access
  • Application Software Troubleshooting Software Development
  • Hardware Engineering

Which subjects are addressed in MCA?

With each passing year, the curriculum of MCA is enhanced to give students a deeper understanding of computer hardware, software, and management.

Key subjects

  • C programming for computers
  • Mathematics in Discrete Form
  • System for Managing Databases
  • Shell and Unix Programming
  • TQM and software engineering
  • Techniques for operation research and optimization
  • Java Object-Oriented Programming

Elective courses

  • Systems for Enhanced Database Technology
  • Operational Analysis
  • Mathematics and scientific computing
  • Decentralized Systems
  • Project Management for Software
  • Behaviour within Organisations
  • Technologies for Multimedia
  • contemporary computer architecture

Is an Online MCA degree recognized?
Many people think online courses are useless and also their diplomas are worthless. However, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved full-fledged online courses at 38 universities throughout India, hence, according to the UGC, online courses are legitimate.

What is the MCA course eligibility?
A two-year bachelor’s degree is required, and candidates must have earned at least a 50 per cent overall average in math, statistics, business statistics, computer science, and programming skills at a 10+2 level or equivalent.

How to get admission to an MCA Course?
The candidates will have to appear for an entrance test post ‌the candidates are selected. The students may be required to attend a group discussion and personal interview before being chosen by some institutions.

After earning an MCA degree, can we work as software engineers?
Yes, today, one in three MCA graduates work as software engineers. If you have the talent for it, it is one of the most prestigious career alternatives. They are mostly in charge of creating and maintaining business software solutions. They provide IT solutions that are adapted to the needs of their customers. It is a difficult effort to satisfy the requirements for creativity and coding, but MCA graduates are well equipped to do so, thanks to their industry-focused education and training.


A master’s in Computer Applications degree covers a wide range of lucrative job opportunities. Students are prepared to accept fantastic employment prospects in just two years. With this degree, you can apply for campus recruitment events and earn a position with some of the greatest businesses around. But to do that, you’ll need the help of an institute with a strong placement rate and extensive professional training.

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  • Which MCA course is best?

An MCA degree is one of the best post-graduate courses. The entire curriculum is designed to develop the extraordinary computer skills of the individuals along with interpersonal skills. Therefore, you should observe your interest and choose the subjects or specialisations.

  • Can we do MCA without maths?

To pursue MCA, maths is the key. You cannot opt for MCA without maths. However, if you had maths in either class 12th of BCA, then you are eligible.

  • Is MCA hard to study?

MCA is a computer-based curriculum. Every subject that you learn is related to computer applications. Hence, not having computer application knowledge can put you in trouble, and you might find it difficult.