The objectives of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is the ancient Indian study centered upon the influence of the stars and planets on human life. The study of Vedic astrology also defines the role of the planets in different situations of human life. Here we will provide detailed information about the objectives upon which Vedic astrology is centered and revolves. Vedic Astrology’s objectives will help you realize the essence of ancient Indian astrology and how it influenced people positively.

The goal of Vedic astrology

The ultimate goal of Vedic astrology is to attain Moksha. Therefore, achieving Moksha is the ultimate goal of the soul. The human soul constantly aims to attain spiritual liberation. Vedic astrology believes that the human soul every time passes through the cycle of life and death. The objectives of the human soul are therefore centered upon Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

The popular belief is that ‘Dharma’ is similar to achievement and opportunities. On the other hand, ‘Artha’ refers to wealth, and ‘Kama’ is associated with activities in human life. The final and supreme goal is ‘moksha,’ which refers to nirvana (Nibbana) and kaivalya. Moksha or liberation controls the other goals of human souls; without Moksha, the other three goals are often considered meaningless.

Purpose of Moksha

Vedic astrology believes that the human soul is the purest and is connected to the supreme being. Therefore, the purpose of Moksha is to bring fulfillment to human life. By attaining Moksha, humans move toward achieving salvation or liberation. Therefore, according to Vedic astrology, attaining Moksha is the highest level of advertence. Another purpose of Moksha is to achieve enough knowledge about life, death, and eternity.

How to get enough knowledge about Moksha

One may often wonder how to attain Moksha or which is the ideal way to attain Moksha. According to Vedic astrology and the best Astrology app, a person’s birth chart gives clear mentions related to achieving Moksha. Therefore, you can take suggestions from an astrologer to get clear knowledge about achieving Moksha.

Your astrologer will study the birth chart and determine whether your soul can attain Moksha. Then, they can guide you in the right way to get along the right path of life to achieve Moksha. They can also clearly mention whether your soul can attain Moksha in the present times or still needs more time in the life and death cycle to achieve Moksha. Vedic astrology also mentions some ‘Yoga’ or ‘meditations’ indicative of the true objectives of Vedic Astrology. One of the highest levels of yoga is “Moksha Yoga,” indicating the most potential possibilities in the present and the upcoming life.

Houses and positions of Moksha

In the horoscope of every individual, there are mentions of three houses that deal with life, death, and Moksha. The 4th, 8th, and 12th houses mention the purposes of Moksha. The 4th house of the individual deals with ‘the end moments of life, the 8th house is indicative of ‘death,’ and the 12th house talks about ‘life after death.’ There are also mentions of the ascendant. These include the 5th house, the 9th house, Saturn(Shani), Jupiter(Guru), Sun, Moon, and Ketu. Moreover, it also includes combinations of these planets, the houses, and the lords of these houses.

Planets and their positions related to Moksha

According to My astrologer, certain planetary positions indicate achieving Moksha in life.

  • If Saturn is present in the 9th house, it is often the primary symbol to attain Moksha.
  • If Jupiter and Ketu are present in the 12th house, the native can attain Moksha in the current or next lifetime.
  • If the Sun is positioned in the 12th house, it indicates clear signs of spirituality in the person.
  • The lords of the 5th, 9th, and 10th houses, if positioned in the 12th house, are indicative of blessing the native with Moksha.
  • If the Moon and Saturn positions are in the same house and they aspect each other, the person has a strong chance of attaining Moksha.


So, here are the essential topics related to Moksha. However, you can also take suggestions from an astrologer or an Astrology app to get more information about attaining Moksha and its values on human life.