Most common reasons for spider veins

Spider veins as such do not create any health problems on their own but their appearance may make an individual feel more conscious in public. These are small blood vessels that generally appear near the surface of the skin and look like webs of a spider. Spider veins can develop anywhere on the body, especially your legs and your arms. These veins appear reddish or bluish and are commonly noticed behind your knees. If your spider veins do not cause any health issues, they do not require any medical attention as such. However, many people get them removed to improve their appearance and not feel conscious in public.

Causes of spider veins Evergreen Park

  • Age: When you get older, your veins lose their elasticity and tend to bulge out more. This can lead to increased visibility.
  • Gender: It has been found that women are more susceptible to developing spider veins in comparison to men. Women experience hormonal fluctuations when they get pregnant, during their menopause, or when they use birth control medications.
  • Genetics: If someone in your family, especially your mom and dad, has spider veins, there is a greater chance that you too will develop the same at some point in your life.
  • Standing for too long: There are various occupations and activities that may require a person to stand for a longer period of time. It puts extreme pressure on the veins and may lead to the development of spider veins.
  • Excess body fat: When you carry extra body fat, you put too much pressure on the veins of your legs and increase your chances of developing spider veins.
  • Changes in hormones: Every girl or a boy experiences hormonal fluctuations at the time of puberty due to which spider veins may develop.
  • Too much exposure to the sun: The harmful UV rays in the sun will not only damage your skin and the blood vessels but will make your spider veins bulge out even more.
  • Injury: If you meet with an accident or injure a part of your skin, it can lead to the development of spider veins in that particular region.

However, you should keep in mind that the above factors are not in your control and certain lifestyle modifications like exercising regularly, losing extra body fat, not standing for too long, etc. can reduce your chances of developing spider veins. Moreover, if you are too much concerned about your spider veins, it’s better to consult a healthcare professional and discuss the further course of action.