Do Read This to Understand Printers and Various Types of Cartridges Used

In today’s world, no one prefers to write any application or letters by hand and rather prefer to type it on their laptop or PC and then print it out. Thus, there is always clarity that can be maintained in your letters or application. Therefore, the use of any Continuous Ink Supply Systems or a laser-jet printer has become very common in offices as well as at home.

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There are different types of cartridges that are commonly used in these printers.


These cartridges will spray liquid onto your paper while printing. Any inkjet cartridge can easily print about 300 – 400 pages. Also, the cost of such inkjet cartridges will be far less than laser or ink tank printers.

You can get ink cartridges in three different types and each of these types has got unique features as well as specifications:

  1. Original

Usually, you will get the original cartridge that will be fitted in your printer when you are buying a new printer. That will be an OEM cartridge and its quality will always be the best.

The same manufacturer who has manufactured the printer will also manufacture these cartridges too. However, any original cartridges will be a bit expensive,

  • Recycled

You will also get recycled cartridges on the market that will generally use your old cartridge mechanisms and build a new unit. Other versions of recycled cartridges are that your empty cartridges will be refilled with a new ink so that you can reuse the same cartridges once again.

Both these options will be much cheaper than any original cartridges. You can get such recycled cartridges both from the local stores as well as online.

  • Compatible

Another type of cartridge, which is known as a compatible ink cartridge with your printer models. There are a few third-party manufacturers who will manufacture such cartridges.

Most users prefer to use such compatible printer cartridges as they are much inexpensive as compared to the original cartridges and can work reasonably well. However, quality-wise these cartridges may not offer as good an impression that an original cartridge can offer.


These printers will have an integrated ink tank that will supply ink continuously and such types of printers can completely eliminate the need of replacing printer cartridges. You can easily print 1,000 prints as per the ink tank capacity.


If you have got a laser printer then it will use a toner cartridge, which contains very fine carbon black plastic particles, which is called toner. Generally, such printers are used in offices and can easily print 1500 pages by using a single cartridge.

If you are a regular user of printers then you should be aware of all these so that you can save some cost on your printing.