What is the best way to take Gaviscon?

Have you heard about Gaviscon? Gaviscon is a famous medicine that always comes out in our television commercials. It is used to treat any acid reflux condition such as heartburn, stomach upset or indigestion. As it is very popular worldwide, you can easily buy it over the counter from any nearby pharmacy or local health stores. Gaviscon is sold under various forms such as liquid, sachets and tablets.

How do I take Gaviscon?

You can only take Gaviscon if you have any acid reflux symptoms or if your doctor prescribed this medication to you. Do not take this medication without any symptoms or prescription. It is best to take this medication after meals and before bedtime as this will help you to smoothly reduce your symptoms. Usually, it may take up to 30 minutes for Gaviscon to start working.

As mentioned above, Gaviscon comes in a lot of forms. If you are using a liquid form, you need to take it by mouth. Please shake the bottle first before use. It is not advisable to drink water right after taking this medication as it has the possibility of decreasing its effectiveness. However, you can mix the medication with some water if you think it is too thick for you. As for the dose, you need to follow the dose instruction from the label. Make sure you read and understand everything that is stated on the label before you decide to take Gaviscon. Besides, if this medication is prescribed to you by your doctor, you must follow the prescribed dose. Do not increase or decrease the dose on your own as this can affect your health later on.

For a chewable tablet Gaviscon, you need to chew the tablet first inside your mouth. You must chew it until there is nothing left anymore. Do not swallow the tablet before chewing it to bits. However, after swallowing the tablet, you may choose to drink water if you want to. Again, you must follow the dose stated on the medication’s label or as prescribed by your doctor. If you take Gaviscon without any prescription, you must remember to stop taking it after your symptoms have gone.

What are the side effects?

Every medication on this earth will have its own side effects and Gaviscon is no exception. However, Gaviscon can be considered as a very safe medication. People that take this medication will usually have no complaints about the side effects. But, this does not mean that you might not get it. The common side effects that you can usually get are nausea, headache, diarrhea and constipation. Usually, these side effects are not that serious and are very mild. If you think that you want to control these side effects, you can try to lessen them by taking some medications that can work against them. Consider talking to your doctor or pharmacist for any suitable product. Besides, it is also a good choice to drink plenty of water if you are having diarrhea in order to rehydrate your body.

If you think these side effects are getting severe and you can no longer tolerate it, it is recommended for you to quickly meet your doctor and tell them the whole story so that they can get an insight on what is happening to you. After that, you might need to listen and follow any advice your doctor has given you in order to counter the side effects.