What are the benefits of retainers?

Uneven teeth are a common problem faced by many. Your chewing and grinding habits can even push your teeth and move them away. Though braces have always been an option, they just make your teeth straight. If you want your gums, bones and muscles to adapt to the shape change and get even, you would need a retainer. Once you get your braces removed, the retainers will help them in staying in place as the name suggests, they “retain” the position. Let us read a few benefits of Greenwich retainers:

Uneven teeth are fixed 

The primary reason behind people opting for retainers is to get uneven teeth structure fixed. Having retainers for a longer period will help in gradually aligning your teeth in a perfect shape. Moreover, the initial procedure may be uncomfortable but it won’t cause pain once it’s fixed in place. 

Teeth gaps are removed

Do you know, research reveals that tooth gaps are considered a very unique flaw in some people? It occurs to only 10% of the population around the world. But if you want to get your gaps fixed, you can visit the dentist and get retainers in your teeth. In a few months, you will see your teeth gaps minimizing and ultimately vanishing.

Improves the shape of your face 

If your teeth are not in proper shape, it also impacts your jaw structure. Thus, if you want to improve the jawline or face shape, you can try getting retainers to first fix the unevenness of your teeth. It may be a time taking process, but you will surely see the results.

Enhance your smile appearance 

Your smile is the most eye-catching feature on your face. And a beautiful bright wide smile is everyone’s desire. However, sometimes your teeth may be the reason behind the uncomfortableness and embarrassment while smiling. In such cases, retainers can become your best friend.

If you are struggling with your teeth alignment, you can surely try retainers. There are two types of retainers, ones that are fixed by your orthodontist as per your jaw shape, and replaced every few months when your teeth start changing position. And next, removable retainers, which you can place for a few hours and then remove when needed. Depending on the alignment problem of your teeth, the dentist will prescribe the type of retainer that will give the best results. Well, now you are aware of the benefits and can freely rely on retainers for fixing your teeth shape. 

Dr. David K Simson
The author, Dr. David K Simson is a trained radiation oncologist specializing in advanced radiation techniques such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) / Rapid Arc, stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). He is also experienced in interstitial, intracavitary, and intraluminal brachytherapy.