Points to Consider When Choosing a Motivational Speaker for Your Event

One of the most successful factors for your next event is selecting the proper speaker or speakers.  We’ve got crucial advice to guarantee you find the ideal motivational speaker for your event, whether it’s for internal or external delegates, from seminars to workshops, conferences to exhibitions, awards, and after-dinner hosts.

  • Make a list of your event’s goals.

Clients frequently provide us with the name of a speaker they would like to have spoken at their event, according to Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal. When we begin to investigate the event’s goals and objectives, we frequently discover that the speaker requested is not the best person to assist in achieving those KPIs. It’s critical to be sure your speaker of meeting your event’s objectives.

Begin by determining the event’s primary KPIs, and then consider who could be the best speaker to assist you in achieving them. Whether it’s an internal or external speaker or even a ‘headline name,’ event planners must choose the best speaker for their event instead of the best name.

  • Make the most of your speaker’s time by getting the most out of him.

Consider how your speaker, or even your keynote speaker, can bring your event when putting out the program. If the speaker is starting the conference, for example, why not ask if he can stay for a while afterward? Maybe they might arrange for a meeting, lunch, or networking break with VIP delegates or company employees? That relaxed environment is ideal for discussing major points raised throughout the speech and allowing delegates to benefit from the speaker’s knowledge.

  • Create pre-event hype by increasing marketing awareness.

All event organizers understand that the time leading up to the event is crucial for emphasizing the key benefits and learning points for delegates. That is the ideal time to use the speaker’s experience to offer preview content and set the tone for the attendees. If you do it correctly, you may reach your event objectives, according to Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal.

We believe it’s critical to be clear with your speaker from the outset about what you want them to do. Recognize that their purpose is to promote their stories and skills, not endorse your brand or event. Pre-event interviews, blogs, tweets, and video teasers are all excellent marketing tools that can help you gain traction.

  • Ascertain that the speaker has the finest possible opportunity to deliver his message.

When we’re in the best possible atmosphere to execute our work, we all perform at our best. That is no different with speakers. Thus having a pre-event briefing call with your speaker is a fantastic idea. Here you can talk about the goals, what you want to accomplish, the attendee profile, the overall content to get presented, and, of course, what they need to complete their jobs well.

Of course, ensuring that the pre-event logistics go well is critical; no one likes being late! A pre-event briefing call is an excellent way to anticipate problems and prevent them before they occur.