How to benefit from AI capabilities?

Finally, objects from science fiction films of the past are becoming a reality. A touch screen has appeared that can be operated without buttons. And now there are also AI services that can remove clothes and leaked nudes from people through the application. Let’s see if this is actually true.

For which aspects is artificial intelligence used?

Artificial intelligence in entertainment is used for marketing or sales aspects, including advertising, design, and promotion of films. Smart AI algorithms can offer better advertising and marketing solutions. With the help of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics can accelerate all marketing processes through analytics. AI-based marketing software helps in achieving audience goals, creating advertising strategies, and effective solutions for customers.

Who benefits from AI capabilities? First of all, content-generation apps can be used by marketers, bloggers, SMM managers, designers, copywriters, etc. Yes, it must be recognized that an AI program cannot completely replace a person. But you can be sure of its ability to save the time and effort of specialists even at the most unexpected moment.

Digital assistants are able not only to receive and recognize voice commands but also to issue them. The application with a virtual assistant can be used to manage personnel on the trading floor. Today, large companies use such assistants to advise clients.

How to work with Nudify?

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