Establishing a Low Cost Business in Dubai

Low-cost is perhaps the last thing that comes to mind when you think about Dubai. Dubai, however, has lower startup costs than many other significant global cities. Small and medium-sized businesses in the UAE are the engine of economic expansion. You have a wide range of options when you establish a business in Dubai. Dubai is a cosmopolitan oasis where people of more than 200 different nationalities live together in harmony and safety.

Advantages of setting up a business in UAE:

Businesses can thrive in Dubai thanks to the city’s top-notch municipal infrastructure, legal framework, public transportation system, parks, and other amenities. The UAE Dirham was linked to the US Dollar in 1973, and it has been fixed at a particular rate since 1997. Furthermore, open economic policies, scant government regulation, and private sector regulation enable foreign direct investment. You can be sure that your home-away-from-home will keep you linked thanks to the direct flights to and from 97 different countries.

What is the price to launch a business in Dubai?

In Dubai, a low-cost business licence costs 12,500 AED. This consists of an LLC-FZ trading licence, three company ventures, a lease contract, and a payback coupon for AED 500. However, there are no visa allocations included in this package.

If you only need one visa allotment, you can choose the following package for AED 14,350. You can get up to three visas for AED 18,050 if you require more than one. The benefits in each of these bundles are the same.

The price of launching a business is influenced by a number of variables. You must factor in the price of the property, the equipment, and any additional permissions or licences you might require. Contact UAQ Trade Free Zone for a precise price quote. We can provide you with a current quote based on your particular needs.

There are several commercial and professional business operations in Trade Free Zone. Only the activities listed on your licence are permitted by you. If you subsequently wish to expand or diversify your product offering, it will be simple to add more.

Starting a business in the UAE requires carefully selecting a company name. While making your choice, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind. In the United Arab Emirates, naming conventions must be followed strictly. You should generally refrain from using terms that could be construed as insulting or profane. Additionally, you must confirm that the desired name is accessible and has not already been taken.