Trending Hair Coloring Styles For Women To Change The Look

Women are always conscious about their dressing sense, makeup, jewelry, and footwear. Along with that, experimenting with the new hairstyle is also on their priority list. If you are also conscious about your hair then coloring it with trendy styles can give you a gorgeous look. Several combinations of colors are being used nowadays at the Hair Salon Forest Hills. Based on your personality, professionalism, and hair texture, you can choose one that suits you.

Traditionally way of coloring hair with one color like burgundy, silver, black, brown, and others has become an old fashion now.

To be stylish and get a shower of compliments from your dear ones, you need to experiment with some trendy colors.

Top 5 Hair Colour Styles To Try This Year for Women

  • Highlights With Blunt Colors

Blunt-colored strips are in fashion nowadays. If you are a public figure, influencer, or person whose profession is related to the entertainment industry, then having hair strips with bold colors like blue, strawberry, orange, sunkissed yellow or others would look gorgeous.

  • The Shade Of One Color

You can ask the expert at your nearest Hair Salon Forest Hills to apply one color to all your hairs as a shade. A few trending colors are neon green, fiery red, blunt blue, tree green, lavender, pastel pink, sunshine yellow, and more.

  • Gem Lights

If you are looking to get a stunning hairstyle with light colors then gem lights would be a perfect option. You can have multiple stripes with the combination of 4-5 gem light colors on your hair.

  • Purple Ends

Ombre hairstyle with purple ends would give a unique look to your overall personality. You can also have a reverse ombre with purple hair colors.

  • Rainbow Roots

If you love to experiment with colorful hair then rainbow colors would be a great choice. To get the same, you can ask the coloring experts at Hair Salon Forest Hills to dye your all hair with stips in multiple colors.

However, if you are afraid of damaging the whole hair with bleach then give it a try to rainbow roots. It will look awesome from the front when colored the roots of the hair in the seven colors of rainbows. But to carry the same style, you will always need to comb your hair in a decided part where the colors have been applied.

There are other hair color options as well like Stained Glass, Tricolor, halo hair, and more than you can go for at a professional hair salon.