Saber registration… a step-by-step guide

Saber registration is a mandatory procedure for distributors wishing to display their products in the Saudi market. Since the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) developed Saber Electronic Platform it imposed registering the product on it gradually till it became mandatory for all locally manufactured and imported products to be able to access the Saudi market.

Saber is a unified platform not only for registering products but for listing the conformity bodies approved by SASO, identifying the HS Codes and categorizing products, and issuing the conformity Certificates.

Registering a facility on Saber

Saber users shall create an account for their companies on Saber so that they can benefit from the allowed services on the platform. An employee who has the authority to represent the facility can log into Saber as a new user and create an account.

For creating a new account the following information shall be submitted:

  • Saudi Commercial Registration number and expiry date
  • ID number associated with the Commercial Registration
  • A copy of the facility representative’s signature.
  • Copy of the facility stamp

Registering products

Since SASO enforcement, all regulated and non-regulated products are required to be registered on Saber Electronic Platform, so that they can go through the next procedures and activities of conformity, shipping, and clearance.

The facility representative that already has an account on Saber can log into saber as a user and register the products by searching by HS Code or product category, then add the matching product, and submit the required product data and images.

The required data to add a new product are the Correct HS Code and the Type of model, once the user saves and submits the product gets registered on Saber and regulatory requirements and certificates can be determined.

Selecting an approved conformity body via Saber

Saber Electronic Platform allows a list of all SASO approved conformity bodies categorized according to regions, the importer should select a conformity body approved in the region where the products are imported from.

The conformity bodies are authorized entities to issue the Certificates of Conformity via Saber in accordance with the relevant technical regulations provisions and standards requirements.

Saber Certificate

Many certificates are issued exclusively through Saber Electronic platform as follows:

The Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC)

The PCoC is required for all products whether manufactured in the kingdom or imported from abroad. It is valid for one year and can be issued via Saber only through an approved conformity body.

The Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC)

It is required for each imported shipment, and valid for a specific quantity of product in one shipment.


It is required for the non-regulated products to declare they conform to the relevant standards and don’t violate any technical regulation or applicable laws.