Everything To Know About Synology DS520j 

Synology has been creating Network storage for years. Besides, it also launches devices that use and make a value-added upgrade when you compare it with previous versions. Synology has gained huge popularity in recent years because of its backup solutions. Most of the sinology systems either start dual-drive or single-drive systems. In the case of media storage and storage, collection need; you must use a 4-bay drive solution like Synology DS420j.

The Design For Synology DS520j

The DS520j’s design is the same as the previous DS4 18j. Synology has adopted a similar design as the previous iteration disk station. DS520j’s design is fabulous since it has everything needed for NAS’ seamless functioning. Since its design takes inspiration from previous NAS design generations, it indicates the design’s reliance and its merit. Because it has already been tested and tried.

The design’s only weakness, addressed by the latest enclosure used in DS418j, is that flashing front LEDs would indicate a failed drive number. How that relates to the back’s internal trays isn’t obvious. The horizontally mounted lights and the drives are vertically stacked, so unless you do it yourself refer to the documentation, you wouldn’t realize that drive one is at the topmost part instead of the bottom. This way you can pull the wrong drive easily from the system.

Features And Usages Of Synology DS420j

Synology DS420j is the finest NAS solution that is right now available. DS520j is one of the most efficient and silent NAS solutions. It has a user-friendly interface and a vast knowledge base that can prove helpful when you are somewhere stuck. Apart from the speed, the Synology DiskStation DS420j offers multiple syncing and backup options.

How Is Synology DS520j Used?

Besides, it also offers a vast range of third-party apps like GitLab, BitTorrent Sync, and Plex. You can use DS520j as an office and home backup device. You can also use it as a mail server, media streamer, a BitTorrent box, a website-hosting device or even as a video surveillance recorder. You can do almost anything if you have a Linux computer while consuming sufficient electricity as two LED bulbs.

If you are thinking of the easiest way of sharing video files, music and photos with your friends, then Synology DiskStation DS520j is the one for you. It comes with four drive bays and is capable of accommodating storage worth 60TB. Besides, it offers various RAID configurations to protect your data.