Sushi Recipes You’ll Love (Even If You Hate Fish)

Sushi is a Japanese dish that is often enjoyed by those who don’t particularly enjoy fish. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make sushi at home, using recipes that are both delicious and healthy. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite sushi recipes—ones that you’ll love even if you don’t like fish. From tuna rolls to salmon nigiri, these recipes will have you enjoying your sushi like a pro in no time.

The Best Sushi Recipes for Every Occasion

Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese cuisine dishes, and for good reason. It is delicious, simple to make, and versatile. Here are some of our best sushi NYC recipes to help you get started on your sushi journey: Spicy salmon sushi rolls: This recipe features a spicy salmon mixture that is rolled into sushi rolls and then topped with avocado and wasabi sauce. Crabstick sushi: This dish is made up of crabstick rice rolls filled with mayo, pickled ginger, and soy sauce. Bay shrimp sushi: Made with shrimp tempura battered and fried until golden brown and then served in nigiri style, this recipe is perfect for those who love seafood but don’t like fish too much. Rainbow trout sushi: This dish is made up of rainbow trout filets that are striped with wasabi sauce before being rolled in rice and served with avocado slices and pickled ginger.

Tips for Making Perfect Sushi rice

If sushi is your thing, and you’re not a fan of fish, this is the post for you! Sushi rice is one of the most important components of making sushi – it needs to be just right. Here are four tips for making perfect sushi rice: Use a Rice Cooker: A rice cooker makes it easy to make perfect sushi rice every time. Just add the rice and water, set the timer, and you’re done. Use a Fine Sieve: If you don’t have a rice cooker or don’t want to use it, consider using a fine sieve to filter out any large impurities before cooking the rice. This will help make sure your sushi rice is fluffy and light.  Rinse the Rice Several Times: It’s important to rinse the rice several times before cooking it in order to get rid of any excess starch that could make your sushi sticky. Add Salt Once It’s Ready: Finally, add salt once the rice is ready – this will help enhance the flavor and texture of your sushi.

Salmon and Sea Bass sushi recipes

If you’re a sushi lover, but don’t particularly care for fish, fear not! There are plenty of delicious salmon and sea bass sushi recipes out there that will have you licking your chopsticks in no time. For the salmon sushi variant, try this easy and delicious recipe that uses rice vinegar as a dipping sauce. Simply dip the salmon into the vinegar then top with slices of avocado and crispy seaweed before rolling it up in your sushi mat. For the sea bass sushi variant, try this simple recipe that uses soy sauce as a dipping sauce. Slice the sea bass into thin strips then top with fresh ginger and green onion before rolling it up in your sushi mat. And if you want to jazz things up a bit, feel free to drizzle some sesame oil over the top before eating!

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