Role of NGO in child and social development:

The non-government organization is an independent organization of non-profitable services that are formed for the welfare and benefits of various people and for providing social justice, developmental and welfare activities of the common people, and ever for protection and conservation of various other living beings. The NGO works on the development of society, empowerment of women in various fields, human rights awareness, child protection, and development, etc. NGO is operating all around the world to promote various welfare activities for the promotion and development of common people.

NGO in the field of education:

The non-government organization plays a significant role in the development of child education to build their future better thereby reducing poverty and avoiding child labor. Their main aim is to spread awareness about the importance of education and to change the child’s life forever by supporting and contributing to their better learning. The educational NGO aims in creating huge awareness of the importance of education and conducts various counseling sessions to encourage parents to send their children to schools. They even contribute to various institutions by providing books and other learning materials to children, strengthening underdeveloped schools infrastructure in poor states, and providing quality training to the teachers.

Children support and development:

The NGO aims in destroying and eliminating child labor and abuse by encouraging various developmental activities that make the children free from poverty and by taking steps by making them get quality education and basic facilities. They even offer health care facilities to privileged children by providing essential health care and nutrition requirements. The children NGO ensures good development and betterment of children in every age. They also strive hard in building a better and brighter future for the poor and helpless children to get the basic facilities of their living hood such as food, clothes, and shelter.

Other functional activities of NGO: 

NGO is organized for various other developmental activities such as environmental protection and conservation, healthcare, and promotion. Many NGO institutions have been set up to empower rural women and for their development. There are NGOs set up to accomplish many kinds of missions from social and human service provision, support of art and culture, civic participation, advocacy to health and mental health services, environmental improvement, animal welfare, etc. They even work to promote social and political change and play a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.

Bottom lines: 

Non-governmental organizations play an important role in preventing society from social evils and concentrate more on people’s development in society. It acts as an institute and a helping hand in maintaining good administration of the government for the various welfare activities. These organization functions on the local scale,  a national scale and even on an international scale, which is not limited by any boundaries and are set up mainly for the betterment of the society through participating in various promotional activities. It even acts as a legal body in preventing human trafficking, saving the baby girl child, child labor and abuse, etc.