Know all about Surface Pattern Designing  

Surface Pattern Designing is the method of creating repeated patterns that go on the surface of products used for decorative and functional purposes. It makes use of various elements like illustrations, artwork, hand lettering, textures and colour.  You can create a repeated pattern that could be placed on the surface of a product to make it more beautiful, functional and interesting.Anyone could easily learn about surface pattern designing from The Print School. Click here to know More Information about The Print School.


Surface Pattern is Everywhere!


You could see it anywhere and everywhere! It could be your clothes, mobile phone cases, puffy sleeves, colourful cards, wallpapers or even pillow covers. For some reason, all these patterns fill our world and it is never being thought of as surface pattern designing before you learn about the same. 


Patterns fill our World


You can now look at the world in a different light and notice all of the different patterns around you. Have a look around you and you could find out what it means. Once you notice all the patterns around you, you won’t be able to unseen them. Also, once you are aware of surface pattern designing, you could identify the different types of patterns that are a part of the world and how it exists everywhere.


How does it Impact you?


As you learn this art and skill, you could find out that there are a lot of things that you are not aware of about designing rather than what you know. It also provides a positive, pleasant and rewarding experience if you are really into fabric designing. This keeps you motivated to attend the classes and learn everything about this type of design which could be very rewarding and satisfactory.


Other terms for Surface Pattern Design


Surface pattern design could also be called different things. Surface pattern designers design exclusively for the fabric and this process would be known as textile designing and the professional who takes care of the same would be known as a textile designer. If a designer creates patterns that are specifically for fabric, the terms could be used interchangeably. Surface patterns are also known as repeated patterns too.


Where can you find surface pattern designs?


Pattern designing could be on a multitude of various products like clothing, fabric, stationery, textiles, wallpaper and various other products. Its main function is to decorate a product and make it look and feel more unique and beautiful. You could check the link below to know more:


Techniques for Surface Pattern Designing


Various techniques are used for creating different forms of surface pattern designs. Some could be done using the hand where the artist personally creates artwork by hand. The surface pattern design mainly is the artwork like drawings, paintings and watercolors that gets turned into digital artwork and then becomes a repeating pattern. This digital artwork could be then applied to countless products as a decorative and repeated pattern.