5 Reasons Why Couples Don’t Hire A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is like organising a concert for a global rock band. On average, the couple must allot ten months for the preparation. With a huge task at hand, couples need the help of an expert with experience and knowledge in planning. It is a responsibility that can be accomplished by a seasoned wedding planner in Singapore. But why do some couples refuse to hire a wedding planner and prepare and organise the wedding themselves?

Here are the reasons why some couples choose DIY wedding planning in Singapore:

1. Couples think wedding planners are for big weddings alone

Who needs a wedding planner in Singapore if your wedding only consists of 30 guests? A wedding planner does not only work with large and fancy weddings. They can arrange small and intimate ceremonies and even participate in elopement wedding planning in Singapore.

2. Couples think wedding planners’ fees are expensive.

If you have a small budget for your wedding, you can get an affordable actual day wedding package. Moreover, your wedding planner will make sure you will not go beyond your budget whilst giving you the best vendors and services using their connections and schmoozing.

3. Couples want complete control over their wedding. 

It is a misconception that a wedding planner takes the reins of decision making concerning the wedding. The truth is wedding planning in Singapore is a cooperation between the couple and the planner. The couple will lay out their ideas for the ceremony whilst the planner creates a plan to execute the ideas into reality.

4. Couples get help from friends and family.

Couples are encouraged to have a DIY wedding when they secure the support and help of friends and family for free. It is cheaper to form your wedding organiser team from their perspective.

5. Couples have a background in event organising.

Couples who have a solid background in event organising tend to do the task themselves.

For fool-proof and stress-free wedding planning in Singapore, it is better to get the service of a wedding planner.

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