Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Contact a Victim?

When you are accused of a crime, you may not know how to proceed. Criminal accusations can be hectic for everyone involved. When you search for “top criminal defense attorneys near me,” be aware that they can contact the alleged victim to find a way to resolve the legal proceedings easily.

Who Should Contact the Victim?

If you are awaiting trial or hearing, the witness in your case is the proposed victim of the offense you have allegedly committed. The outcome of your case is largely determined by the evidence the victim provides. The prosecutor or police may let this person know they should not speak with anyone if they prefer not to.

Your lawyer can contact the victim if they are willing to discuss what’s happening. You should avoid the victim if it will exacerbate the case or if they claim that contact with you makes them feel threatened. Your lawyer will identify the right questions to ask to get helpful information from the side of the defense.

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Contact the Victim

Defense attorneys create positive interactions with the victim. Attorneys do so to gather knowledge that could lead to a successful outcome in your case. The attorney will provide a duplicate of the police report to the defendant’s attorney. The defense attorney will conduct independent or additional investigations. 

A defendant can get in touch with witnesses and victims of criminal activity. The defense investigator offers services to the person convicted of the charge. 

Lawyers can contact, email, or send a letter to the alleged victim requesting a meeting or conversation. Several factors will determine whether the attorney should or should not contact the victim. They include the individual reacting positively and if the contact can damage the outcome of your case.

How Contacting the Victim Helps Your Criminal Defense Attorney to Strengthen Your Case

Your lawyer will do their best to develop the best possible defense to move your case forward. The attorney will explore all important factors to help resolve your case before trial. Every case is different, but the alleged victim would be willing to drop the charges in some cases. 

Criminal defense lawyers strive to resolve their client’s cases quickly and successfully. They encourage those involved to move on with their life. Having a productive meeting with the victim could prove to be beneficial. 

Your attorney will learn how the witnesses tell their stories. These details will make your lawyer well prepared for their testimony in court. 

The witness should stick to any new statements or details they give the defense attorney. Otherwise, the judge may discredit them in court while they are on the witness stand. The meetings will also help your attorney to identify possible evidence provided by the alleged victim or new witnesses.

What Will Happen if You Contact Your Accuser

Avoid the temptation to contact your accuser. You may want to contact your accuser to clear things up, but this may look like you’re trying to intimidate, harass, or manipulate them. 

By not contacting them, there will be no potential for misunderstandings about any actions regarding the case. Getting in touch with your accuser only provides an opportunity for them to gather evidence that they may use against you. Instead, your criminal defense lawyer can get in touch with the alleged victim even if a judge has already placed a no-contact order specific to you.

What Kind of Evidence Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Gather?

Contact a criminal defense attorney if you feel that the alleged victim has falsely accused you or that the events have been exaggerated. In criminal cases, especially those involving potential false accusations or domestic violence, the judge will use the evidence presented to make a decision. A lawyer will collect possible evidence by looking for images, documents, and time-stamped messages.

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