Female Infertility Medication

Are you having difficulties conceiving or carrying your pregnancy to term? Infertility medication from reputable infertility clinics is your go-to solution. These medications vary depending on the factors limiting you from conceiving.

Whether you have ovulation problems or an issue with your egg number and quality, infertility medications help you realize your parenting dreams. Infertility clinics recommend fertility medications to trigger ovulation or balance your hormones before IVF. Keep reading to discover the various medications that help meet your pregnancy quest.

Drugs To Prompt Ovulation

These medications stimulate ovulation if you do not release mature eggs or have irregular cycles. They include:

Ovidrel Prefilled Syringe

This injectable medication triggers ovulation if your produce few eggs or zero eggs. Other drugs such as clomiphene develop your follicles, and Ovidrel matures them.

Ovidrel is also used during IVF treatment to increase your hCG levels if you release a few eggs. The hormone stimulates the release of mature eggs, helping you conceive. 

Gonal-F RFF 75IU Vial

The prescription drug that triggers healthy ovaries to release a mature egg is required when you’re making a baby. Gonal-F is approved when your ovaries produce follicles, but the hormonal stimulation is inadequate to support the maturation of follicles. This medication contains a hormone that stimulates the development of follicles and multiple ovules if you’re undergoing assisted reproductive treatments.


This is a form of natural estrogen that you receive through injection. Estrogen sustains your pregnancy through growing and maintaining your uterine lining. The hormone supports your placenta’s functioning and boosts blood flow into the uterus.


If you have problems with natural ovulation, your doctor may recommend Pregnyl. It stimulates the maturity of your follicles and allows for ovulation. This drug increases endometrial receptivity to embryo implantation by controlling how your body expresses progesterone.

Clomiphene Citrate

The medication triggers ovulation by regulating the release of more LH and FSH by your pituitary gland. These hormones stimulate the growth of your ovarian follicle hosting the ovules.

Hormonal Medications Recommended by Infertility Clinics Before IVF

These drugs play different roles throughout your treatment. Some of the medications include:

Menopur 75 IU

During fertility treatment, Menopur injection releases luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). These hormones help keep your ovaries healthy, supporting the development and release of mature eggs.


The medication has progesterone that helps you conceive and carry your pregnancy to term. Endometrin raises your progesterone decreased during your technologically aided treatments.


The drug prevents premature ovulation during your IVF treatment. Cetrotide regulates your pituitary gland to delay the making of LH, responsible for releasing a mature egg. This gives your physician ample time when retrieving an egg for your treatment.

Crinone 8%

If your ovaries produce low progesterone levels during IVF, your specialist administers Crinone. The medication contains progesterone required for preparing your uterus for pregnancy.


Follistim has a follicle-stimulating hormone to induce ovulation. This helps you conceive if you’re anovulatory infertile (can’t ovulate). The drug stimulates the development of eggs for your assisted reproductive treatments.

Ganirelix Acetate

When partaking in your fertility treatment, a Ganirelix injection is administered to stop the production of LH. This enables your ovaries to release the mature egg during the date set for your procedure.


During your assisted reproductive treatment, specialists from infertility clinics use Novarel to induce ovule maturation, triggering ovulation. The medication stimulates your body to increase the release of LH responsible for egg maturation.

Progesterone in Oil

Experts from infertility clinics prescribe this medication to protect the developed embryo and sustain your pregnancy. Progesterone in oil helps in thickening the lining of your uterus. The doctor uses the drug to support your ovary in making progesterone. IVF cycle medications prevent the release of a premature egg lowering your progesterone levels.

Start Your Pregnancy Journey with Renowned Infertility Clinics

Having a hard time conceiving can be emotionally and mentally draining. However, specialists from recognized infertility clinics turn your difficulties into happy endings. They have adequate knowledge of infertility conditions, factors leading to infertility, and fertility medications.

You can conceive whether you have an irregular ovulation cycle, don’t ovulate, have low-quality eggs, or cannot carry your pregnancy to term. Your specialist prescribes the best infertility medication to suit your condition. Walk the amazing journey to parenting with the best remedies.