Why Spiritual Health is Important?

10 Important Thoughts and Actions to Renew Your Spiritual Health

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” –said, William Londen.

There are many ways to practice spirituality. The meaning of spirituality is different for different people and it can also change with changing time.

No matter what people think, if you do regular meditation, yoga, or prayer, it can put a positive impact on your health improvement. Also it reduces any type of mental health problems and gives a peace of mind for a better healthy life.

Here is why spiritual health is important:

Quell stress:

There are many reasons that can cause stress to your mind and body like- job loss, work pressure, divorce, and daily life. Having some stress can help you to improve yourself and also motivates you to provide a progress in your work. But having an excess stress can cause various problems to your mind and body. It can also cause high blood pressure and tension and all that can turn into hypertension. Following the spiritual practice like yoga, meditation, or walking can help you in reducing your stress level and also it allows your mind to focus on important things. Spiritual practice can also help in making a positive mind that is better for dealing with any situation.

Reduce depression:

Depression is one of the worst mood disorders that cause sadness, guilt and hopelessness all together and it can highly affect your health and mental stability. It decreases your thinking process and also affects your decision making thought process. There are medicines to that can help in reducing your depression but they are not affective for longer period. One of the most common treatments for depression is meditation and talk therapy. But by following spiritual practice like- mindfulness meditation, prayer, and yoga can help in reducing the effect of depression. Regular practice of these types of meditation can help in curing your depression permanently, but it takes time.

Live longer:

People who go to religious places and practice religious practices have found to have lower mortality rate. If you are regularly following the spiritual practice than it can help you in reducing the percent of your risk of death, and regular meditation can help in lowering cardiovascular and cancer-related death. Spirituality can provide peace to your mind which can put a positive impact on your health.

Lower blood pressure:

If you are regular in spiritual practice it can decrease your stress level.

If you have a high stress level, it can cause mental problems, also affect in increasing your blood pressure due to increase in heartbeat. High blood pressure is never good for a healthy body. So, doing meditation, yoga or any other spiritual practice can heel you in lowering your blood pressure.

If the blood pressure is high it can cause hypertension and that is very harmful to your health, for both mentally and physically.

John de Ruiter is a spiritual pioneer, teaching that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty.”John de Ruiter conducts his seminars and lectures from the Oasis Centre, a large auditorium venue in west Edmonton.