What Size Shade Sail Do I Need?

Shade sails are a perfect addition to your patio or backyard, and they can truly transform the area aesthetically. In fact, they also make a functional choice, providing the much-needed sunshade in the summer months to host your friends and family for casual gatherings. However, it is important to choose the right size for your space to ensure it not only serves the purpose but also stays in place longer. It will also help ensure your shade sail doesn’t wear out too quickly or cause any other issues.

If you are considering buying a custom sail shade canopy for your outdoor seating area or pool, and it’s your first time, here we have a few tips to help you make the right choice.

A Few Things to Consider When Deciding The Shade Sail Size

Before you start taking any size estimations for your shade sail, keep the following things in mind to take accurate measurements.

  • Think of how you intend to use your outdoor space and how much shade or sun protection would be enough.
  • Determine if you want to shade the entire garden or just the deck or patio.
  • If the space to be covered is too large, would you like to use a single big shade sail to cover it or want multiple sail shades to make it look unique and appealing?
  • Factor in the size of tension sources and go for shade sails that are appropriately sized to cover the remaining space.
  • Decide the shape of the sail shade according to your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Determining The Right Size for Your Custom Sail Shade Canopy

When determining the size of shade sail appropriate for your needs, the key factor to consider is the size and shape of the space you want to cover. Once you have this information, determine the points of attachment for your shade sail. You can attach the shade sail to nearby trees, dedicated posts, or any other sturdy structure.

After marking the attachment points, start taking measurements to determine what size shade sail would best fit your space to get the desired shade. Remember here that the size of the shade sail should be at least a couple of feet smaller than the space you want to cover, leaving enough room for the tension means.

Depending on the shape of the shade sail you want to buy, here is how you should measure the correct size.

Taking Measurements for Rectangular/Square Shade Sails

  • Take measurements from attachment points A to B
  • Take measurements from attachment points B to C

The measurements will be the same from attachment points C to D and D to A in case of a square or rectangular sail shade.

Taking Measurements for Triangular Shade Sails

  • Take measurements from attachment points A to B
  • Take measurements from attachment points B to C
  • Take measurements from attachment points C to A

Again, keep in mind that the size of your shade sail should be a bit smaller than the measured dimensions. When you choose a custom sail shade canopy, don’t forget to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to buy a shade sail with the appropriate dimensions. Visit shadepro.com today for all your shade solutions, commercial or residential.