What Does Your Preferred Diamond Shape Say About You?

Diamonds are available in various shapes. The shape of a diamond reflects the wearer’s persona. Therefore, before selecting a diamond shape, you need to keep the wearer’s characteristics in mind.

If you want to know what exactly a diamond shape highlights about the wearer, then read this article.

Before buying a diamond, you need to understand which diamond shape is right for the wearer. There is a wide variety of diamond shapes and every shape reflects the wearer’s characteristics. Therefore, it is important that you select a diamond shape that suits you or the person you are gifting it to.

The shape highlights a diamond’s form. While a round-shaped diamond is the most common, there are other shapes that you can consider. Here are some of the diamond shapes and what it highlights about the wearer’s personality-

  • Round-Shaped Diamond

Round-shaped diamonds are loved by many as they look simple as well as classy. Diamonds in round shape are preferred by women who love simplicity.

The 58 facets and a 360-degree symmetrical shape of the round-shaped diamond give it a classic look. The circular shape expresses love without an end. People who wear a round-shaped diamond are considered laid-back, traditional, and sophisticated.

  • Emerald-Shaped Diamond

Emerald-shaped diamonds have layered corners and long facets. This shape can be a good option for women who are bold. One of the benefits of the emerald-shaped diamond is that it can highlight clarity better than other diamond shapes. These diamonds are known for their precision. It is suited for individuals who are bold, hard-working, and sophisticated.

  • Princess-Shaped Diamond

Princess-shaped diamonds are for people who want the sparkle of a round-shaped diamond in a square stone. The princess shape is known to reflect style, edge, and beauty. Princess-shaped diamonds are created to increase sparkle. These diamonds are suited for people who are spontaneous and fun-loving.

  • Cushion-Shaped Diamond

A cushion-shaped diamond has large facets and a square-rectangular cut with rounded corners. It will make the wearer look classy. These diamonds are preferred because they look royal and have a distinctive soft shape.

A cushion cut can create a spectacular kaleidoscopic effect that enhances the diamond’s beauty by catching the light. These stones are suited on women who possess an effortless femininity. Cushion-shaped diamonds also suit women who are traditional and dependable.

  • Marquise-Shaped Diamond

If you are looking for diamond rings that have an aristocratic look, then you should consider a marquise-shaped diamond ring. Marquise-shaped diamonds possess an extraordinary sparkle. The diamond looks greater as it is elongated in shape. This shape of diamond is suited for individuals who are edgy and theatrical.

  • Pear-Shaped Diamond

Pear-shaped diamonds resemble a teardrop with one rounded end and one pointed end. This shape will look good on someone who seek the unexpected and excitement. A pear-shaped diamond looks slimmer, beautiful, and graceful. It is suited for women who are calm and devoted.

There are various shapes of diamonds, and you need to select one based on who’s going to wear it. Keep the aforementioned points in mind while selecting the diamond shape.