What Do Statistics in SoundCloud Inform You?

Using the info in your SoundCloud Stats is among the most effective means to construct your audience: inspecting them often can tell you which tracks your audience is reacting to and where your plays are taking place. Each data factor represents an individual interacting with your job, whether they found you on SoundCloud or somewhere else on the web via embeds or shares of your tracks.

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After checking in, navigate to your Statistics by clicking “see all” on the stats module on the appropriate side of your account, by clicking ” more statistics” if you’re checking out among your tracks, or with the drop-down food selection in the header:

Your stats touchdown web page shows your current plays, likes, reposts, comments, and downloads on all your uploads. The time duration defaults to the last 7 days, yet you can adjust that to mirror a selection of the custom amount of time by clicking the arrow alongside the day variety.

The arrowheads at the bottom of the top section of the statistics landing web page enable you to quickly go forward or backward with time. You can select the moment, if you set the default time range for a week, then you’ll page by week. If you establish it by month, you’ll page by month, and so on.

The list of your tracks listed on the date array is ordered by the most plays received during the time you have selected. Floating on the name of a track will highlight the section of the graph that represents the stats for that track.

When you click a different stat total, the list of tracks will alter to mirror info around the stat in question. For instance, clicking on “28 Sorts” in the above would change the checklist of tracks to reveal your most liked tracks throughout the picked time.

If you want to see the statistics on just one track, that’s feasible too, clicking the track name will bring you to a series of charts showing the stats for that track over the time you have set. You can readjust the day variety from this view as well.

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