What Can You Do To Fight Social Inequality In Singapore?

Is it true that in Singapore, there is no official poverty line? While that might be the case, that does not mean that no household struggles to meet daily needs.  Like anywhere else in the world, the cost of living in Singapore continues to rise, which makes both couples work to have dual incomes.

The government also makes an effort to help the 20% of households with the lowest incomes. The problem, however, is that relying on the government’s action is not enough to fight against social inequality in Singapore. Everyone should try to work on it in their own ways.

Below are some of the things you can do to help fight social inequality.

1. Bestow Old Books

Households from low-income families can barely afford to buy new books for their children. Given that books are a vital factor in education, you should consider bestowing the old books you have on hand to help others. Your old books can help low-income families in vulnerable communities.

2. Give Out Free Food

Besides books, you can also give out free food. Doing so should help increase food security in Singapore. Remember that most people that belong to urban poverty often skip meals whenever they run out of money to pay for their meals, let alone cook something for themselves.

3. Donate Funds To Non-Profit Organisations

Another thing you can do to fight against social inequality in Singapore is to donate funds to non-profit organisations. Your spare cash can go a long way since it can help poor households gain access to quality healthcare, education, and more.

4. Create Jobs

Do you own a company? Creating job opportunities for poor households can help fight social inequality. No matter how trivial the job position is, it matters. The less fortunate people will have a source of income to meet daily without needing to beg on the streets.

5. Raise Social Inequality Awareness

When people talk about Singapore, they often think about how well-developed it is. But like other countries, poverty and lack of education also exist in this country. Raising awareness on this matter can help encourage people to help others in need, especially around their neighbourhood. You may do it by sharing your campaign on social media to reach a wide audience.

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