What Are Things You Need To Get Besides A CCTV System?

Singapore may have the lowest crime rate in the world, but that does not change the fact that the world is no longer a safe place.  You must strengthen the security measures on your property, such as installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, to ensure your safety and the safety of anyone around you.

Getting a CCTV system, however, is not enough to keep you safe. In that case, take things to the next level by acquiring the following.

1. Place Convex Mirror

Once you get a proper CCTV installation in Singapore, you should consider placing a convex mirror on the outdoor corners. A convex mirror enables you to secure blindspots and reduce the hiding places of intruders.

2. Install Proper Outdoor Lighting

The purpose of a convex mirror in Singapore will be useless during the night. If the intruders decide to trespass on you at that time, what is happening will barely reflect in the convex mirror, and your CCTV camera will not be able to capture the scene.

The solution to all of these problems is to get proper outdoor lighting. A well-lit outdoors can help scare intruders away. After all,  they would not want to get caught red-handed.

3. Switch To Auto Gate

Intruders must enter through your front gate to access your property. If your gate is conventional, burglars merely need to pick the lock to get inside.

But that is not the case for an auto gate in Singapore since it does not require a key to lock it. In most cases, they need to use its remote control before entering the gate.

4. Add Glass Break Sensors

Most burglars are vicious. They might break the window glass if they cannot pick the lock. With glass break sensors, anyone around your neighbourhood will get alerted, and burglars might think twice before they can break inside.

5. Proper Auto Gate Maintenance

No matter how sturdy the auto gate is, they are no exception to wear and tear. It requires a routine auto gate repair in Singapore to keep it in good condition. Consider getting one twice a year, especially after a heavy rainy season.

6. Set A Panic Button

If you are present during the time someone trespasses on your property, use the panic button to call for help. This device will help send emergency alerts to your emergency contacts authorities nearby.

In the meantime, remember to hide well. Turn on the silent mode of your smartphone. That way, the intruders cannot hear the ringtone when someone calls you.

7. Upgrade Door Locks

Besides the gates, you also need to update every door lock on your property. Doing so will increase the difficulty of getting inside. The intruders will spend a lot of time picking locks, which gives time for the police to get to the scene.

Do You Need More Help In Increasing The Security Of Your Place?

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