What Are the Things that You Might Not Know about Air Jordan Shoes?

Michael Jordan is one of the biggest names in basketball history and has a huge fanbase. But his own Jordan brand of shoes has its own set of controversies and facts that much might not know.

The Off White Air Jordan 4 is one of the best pairs of sneakers made by Virgil Abloh. These running sneakers cater to the unique sale colorway from the upper to the outsoles and have a clean overlay and stitching. In this guide, you will know rare facts regarding Air Jordan shoes.

Facts about Air Jordan Shoes 

Some of the interesting facts about Air Jordan shoes are:

  • Michael Jordan initially wanted to sign with Adidas and not Nike

During the early years of bailing, when Michael Jordan left the University of North California in 1984, he called himself an “Adidas Nut” and said that if Germany closed the deal, he would sign for them. 

But they did not sign him and lost a great opportunity. 1970 was known as the era of Adidas, and, wanting to align with them, Michael Jordan was not an exception. Therefore, you enjoy sneakers like Off-White x Air Jordan 4 today.

  • The Air Jordan “Wings” logo 

Peter Moore made the Jordan wings logo with a basketball from Nike, and David Falk thought of the name “Air Jordan.” Falk desired to treat Jordan as a tennis player and not a basketball player. 

This is because only tennis players were getting signature products back in the day. The rest is history, and Air Jordan is one of the most popular and costly sneaker brands today. 

  • Michael Jordan did not like the Air Jordan 1 Bred colorway. 

Michael Jordan did not like the shoe that was one of the hottest pieces in 2020, and as per his words, the shoe was painted in devil colors. Others did not say the same regarding shoes, like Yeezy 350 Desert Sage and others.

  •  Initially, people thought that Air Jordan would not sell 

This is one of the funniest facts regarding this shoe brand. People who think such need to look at the price of Air Jordan 1 in 2020. Air Jordan 1 was released in the year when Michael Jordan was still in his rookie years, and it was released for $65, but after Jordan became more successful, the shoes disappeared from the shelves after it released them.  

  • Air Jordan 2 did not have a swoosh. 

Compared to shoes like Off White Futura Dunk, the design was more important than logos back in the day. Nike made a brave move to sell shoes without logos, but the strategy worked at those times. 

Bottom Line 

Air Jordan shoes enjoy a great deal of popularity today thanks to their unique design, features, and immense popularity of Michael Jordan. If you want to buy Air Jordan shoes such as Off White Air Jordan 4, contact Hype Your Beast, a reputed online sneakers store. 

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