What Are The Reasons For Keeping An Air Purifier At Your Home?

Both interior and outdoor air pollution levels are causing harmful effects and growing our worry. So here are some reasons why you should buy an air cleaner.

Eliminates offensive odours

At the normal temperature, several substances, like formaldehyde, benzene, and gasoline, degrade and release odours. VOCs or Volatile organic compounds, as they are also known, are frequently included in aerosol sprays, paints, air fresheners and upholstered furniture. The smell of VOCs can make you feel sick, short of breath, and even impair your cognitive abilities.

Low VOC levels in the air have been shown in studies to increase performance and productivity. To reduce pollutants in the indoor environment, air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters are effective at trapping gases as well as particles.

No need to think about the smell or the smoke of spices and cooking oil annoying your guests if they come over. The air cleaner eliminates all odours, leaving your space clean and fresh.

Decreases the likelihood of diseases

Microbes that are floating about spread airborne infections like the flu and the common cold. It’s not unusual for other family members to become ill after one member contracts the flu. Everyone is open to the air, which is contaminated with viruses and bacteria, therefore this is what happens.

These germs and viruses are captured by air cleaners or HEPA filters. By eliminating the source of airborne illnesses, you can protect your family and yourself. Air purifiers are a need if you stay with young children, the elderly, or anybody else who has a compromised immune system.

Enhances Sleep

Dust mites, germs, and fungi are examples of indoor allergens that can cause hay fever or allergies. A sneezing nose brought on by hay fever might last for up to several weeks. Common allergic symptoms that keep you up at night include frequent coughing, sneezing, nose congestion, sore throat and watery eyes.

Lack of sleep makes you drowsy during the day and reduces your concentration in the following morning. It is better to utilise HEPA air cleaners because they remove the majority of viruses from your home, preventing these sleep interruptions. You sleep better at night when the air is cleaner.

Eliminates dangerous radon

Radon gas is created when radioactive substances, like uranium, that are present in some building materials break down. Rocks, dirt, and granite are examples of building materials that produce colourless and odourless gas radon.

Keep an eye out for cracks in the plaster, walls, or floor. These gaps allow the cancer-causing radon gas to enter your home. Cancer develops as a result of radon gas harming the lungs’ cell linings. According to a 2013 EPA estimate, radon gas exposure may be responsible for up to 21,000 annual lung cancer deaths in the US.

Use air purifiers to lessen the risk of pollution. Radon particles and radon gas can be captured by activated carbon and HEPA filters, shielding away from the negative effects.

Removes potentially dangerous asbestos particles

Between the 1940s and the 1960s, asbestos-containing roofing materials and pipes were widespread. You might be exposed to asbestos particles if you reside in an old business structure or an old apartment. As these structures deteriorate, materials are shed, releasing asbestos dust into the atmosphere.

Asbestos fibres in the air can result in lung illness that is characterised by loss of tissue. Some signs of asbestosis include facial or neck swelling, trouble swallowing and loss of appetite. Lung cancer risk is also raised by this condition.

Use HEPA air cleaner that catches asbestos particles to protect yourself against asbestosis. So check which home air purifiers are best?