What Are the Pro Tips to Avoid Skin Dryness in Winter?

Pro Tips to Avoid Skin Dryness in Winter

You may have observed that your skin reacts differently in different seasons. The skin tends to get drier in winters. The main reasons for skin dryness are indoor heat, cold air, and low humidity levels. All these can make your skin appear a lot less healthy than usual.

The Major Indications of Dry Skin

  1. Redness
  2. Itchiness
  3. Rough texture
  4. Flakiness
  5. Irritated skin
  6. Cracks

“Xerosis” is the medical term that is used for dry skin. The signs can vary in harshness and appear different depending on the skin area that is affected.

Skincare Products You Need to Stock Up On For Winter

  1. Hydrating serum
  2. A lip balm
  3. A heavy moisturizer
  4. A moisturizer toner
  5. A body lotion

Tips to Avoid Dryness

By making alterations in your daily winter skin care routine and using the ideal skincare products, you can keep your skin smooth, soft, and healthier throughout the cold season. Here are some pro tips that can help you in preventing winter dryness:

  1. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing

Whenever you wash your hands, face, or other areas of your body, your skin loses the natural oils. As the natural oils aid in locking in moisture, it is important to replace them. That’s the reason why applying a moisturizer after washing your skin is vital, mainly during the cold seasons.

  1. Use sunscreen

Even though it is the cold season, the detrimental ultraviolet rays of the sun can still stress the moisture barrier of your skin, which is important for keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Apply a layer of sunscreen every morning once you’ve applied a moisturizer.

  1. Try to avoid sanitizers

We all know that hand sanitizers contain alcohol that can cause more dryness. In place of hand sanitizers, use a good soap or hand wash.