What are Drop In Bathtubs & How to Choose One

The easiest and most convenient way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom is to install a stylish bathtub. But choosing one is a pretty daunting task as you need to consider several things such as the total area of your washroom, the style of bathtub that you want to opt for, for instance, a freestanding bathtub or a drop in bathtub, and the material that would suit your purpose. Although there are various other factors to look into, which will be discussed in detail later, let’s restrict our discussion to drop-in bathtubs.

After reading this, the first question that might pop up is, what is a drop-in bathtub? Read patiently to know about it in detail and how to make the right choice to enhance your bathroom space.

What Is A Drop-in Bathtub?

To give you an idea of what a drop-in tub is, say that it is a type of bathtub installed by “dropping” it into a deck or surround. These tubs inherit a luxurious appearance due to their sleek and modern appearance.

The surrounding can be constructed from anything from wood to natural stone, which can be designed at the feet level or raised at a certain height to suit the bathroom layout. The installation method is the only thing that separates it from a freestanding bathtub, which can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

What Are The Notable Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Drop-in Bathtub?

Before making the right choice, you must know all the advantages and disadvantages of installing a drop-in bathtub. The advantages are:

  • They make use of the bathroom space more efficiently as compared to freestanding tubs.
  • They come with numerous designs and installation options that offer the utmost flexibility to the customers.
  • Comes with a deck and storage space to keep the toiletries, towels and other necessary items.
  • Easy to upgrade or replace existing ones.
  • Prevents overflowing because of its raised rim.

Some disadvantages that you must be knowledgeable about:

  • The placement options of a drop-in bathtub are limited.
  • The construction of a surround becomes mandatory.
  • Drop-in bathtubs might not look stylish for all bathroom layouts.
  • Access to plumbing becomes difficult.

 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Drop-in Bathtub:

Before investing money in any home decor, you must consider several factors. Purchasing a drop-in bathtub is not an exception. Following are some necessary factors that you need to speculate on before opting for one:

Size: The size of the bathtub should be determined based on the size and layout of the bathroom, along with the intended use. Consider how many people will be using the tub and whether or not it will be used for soaking.

Material: Drop-in bathtubs come in various materials, including acrylic, fibreglass, cast iron, and stone. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so consider which is best for your needs.

Style: You will find a variety of styles in the market. But you must select the one that suits your bathroom layout and design. The most common styles include oval, rectangular, and round. Choose a style that matches the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom.

Features: Some drop-in bathtubs have features like built-in jets or a heated surface. Consider your lifestyle and choose the one that would complement it.

Installation: The process of installation is something that most people tend to ignore while purchasing. A complicated installation is not recommended if you have limited bathroom space. Choose materials that require simple installation.

Price: Drop-in bathtubs, like all bathtubs, vary in price depending on the size, material, and features. Set a budget and choose a bathtub that fits within it.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing a bathtub is deciding on a long-term investment, but it must not be done in the sense of immediacy. Take adequate time to compare various designs and materials. You can also take expert recommendations. Never ignore the advice of selecting a drop-in bathtub from a reliable platform dealing with quality products. This will help you to ensure the durability of your product.