Whale Watching Tours – Dos And Don’ts That You Should Know

The first-time whale watchers will feel an overwhelming experience that cannot be compared to anything else. They will be more excited as it will be an experience that they have never felt before. Many islands offer whale watching as an added adventurous option for the visitors and not all islands offer this.

You can look through the websites that offer whale watching options in Tenerife. The Tenerife boat trips will help you experience the fun of watching whales on this island. The captain and crew of these boats will know the right time and moment when spain tourist sites whales will come and greet their passengers. Hence, they can help you book the trip accordingly.

Do’s of Whale Watching

Here are some things that you should know while planning to go whale watching.

  • Wear something comfortable like long pants and full-sleeved shirts 

The beachwear does not include anything that covers your whole body. However, while going whale watching, it is suggested to cover your body as much as possible. The whale watching will be right in the middle of the seabed and there will be nothing to protect you from sun rays. No amount of sunscreen can protect your skin from sunburns, and hence cover yourself up as much as possible.

  • Raincoats and jackets are strictly suggested 

The temperature in the middle of the sea is not like that on the seashores. The whale watching includes water spraying on the boats when the whales move around. Hence, covering your body with a raincoat or jacket will not only save your skin from sun exposure but will also protect you from such water sprays.

  • Rubber sole shoes are an idea 

Avoid slipping or falling inside the boat or from the boat into the seabed by wearing rubber shoes instead of flip-flops.

  • Research 

Research about the species of whales that you will get to see when in any particular area in Tenerife island. Whales are the migrating species and you will not get to see the whales belonging to the same species like the last time you visited this island. Hence, research and understand the species of whales that you are going to see at that particular time of the year.

Don’ts of Whale Watching 

Here are some factors that you should not do when planning to go whale watching.

  • Not researching thoroughly about whale watching 

Many boat trips guarantee whale watching for some hours, but cannot fulfil their promise with unbelievable reasons such as not the time when the whales come out, weather conditions are not stable to go out to the sea, and so on. Hence, research thoroughly before booking any boat ride for whale watching.

  • Not following the rules of whale watching 

When the area of whale watching approaches, the boats will be shut down and silence will be maintained. Any sound of any type can agitate the mammals resulting in them taking their defensive tactics. Hence, follow the rules of whale watching.

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