Weird and Wonderful Inventions/Innovations That You Can’t Believe Are Businesses

The future is now, and technological advancement today is enough proof. Undoubtedly, technology has changed people’s lives a lot, and most cannot do without their smartphones.

However, there are weird yet wonderful technological developments out there, which mean serious business. While you are living in 2021, the individuals who invented these weird inventions are absolutely living in the 3000s. Some of these inventions/innovations include:

Fuzzy Brush

If making a motorway pit stop during a road trip in the UK sounds familiar to you, you have probably seen some vending machines selling small toothbrushes that you can chew and don’t need water or toothpaste.

These chewable and small toothbrushes are among the Fuzzy Brush products. Fuzzy Brush is well-known for these chewable toothbrushes that industries like travel, airline, hospitality, and leisure use.

Now, these toothbrushes are available with different product ranges, including Fuzzy Rock ‘Bubble Yum’ for kids, Fuzzy Peppermint, and Fuzzy Rock Coolmint.

Electric Clothes

Some scientists at Wake Forest University have created fabric, which doubles as spare outlets. When you use them to line your pillowcase, office chair, or shirt, they convert subtle differences in temperature across the fabric into electricity.

Since different parts of a shirt may differ by around ten degrees, you may power your MP3 player up by sitting still.

According to creators, cell phone cases lined with the materials may also boost your smartphone’s battery charge by around 15% over around seven hours, using the heat that your pants pocket absorbs.

Robot Birds

Real birds are dangerous to airplanes, especially when they are landing and taking off. So are robot birds a rescue?

Yes, as they normally chase real birds away at the airport. A flock of robot falcons is enough to scare off all real birds.

Similar to real birds, robotic falcons flap their wings and can fly. This makes real birds feel that robotic falcons are real predators.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) On The Go

With the global pandemic, Covid-19, PPE availability has made a lot of headlines. The provider, Selecta, has now come up with innovations to allow individuals to get their hands on PPE on the go.

The company’s new ‘safety stations’ are made to supply essentials like sanitizers and face masks. The likes of Brussels train stations and Zurich Airport are one of the first avenues to provide these inventions, enabling travelers to access the materials they require to feel safe throughout their journey.


An exoskeleton is one thing most Sci-Fi movies have in common. While you mostly see them in movies like Aliens, Iron Man, and The Edge of Tomorrow, exoskeletons have started being a reality.

Some military forces have already started to steam ahead with their advancements to improve the combat abilities of their soldiers.

In addition, developers are making them so as to restore the elderly’s mobility, and perhaps they may find their way into different industries across the globe.

The Takeaway!

According to Jim Drew, he suggests that entrepreneurship relies on daily innovation and creation to come up with unique opportunities, new revenue streams, and market disruption.

Internet development, for instance, would never have happened if inventors had just settled for satellites and phones being enough for communication.

Today, you can barely imagine doing business or anything without internet access. So it takes innovations and creativity to make things a reality.