Understanding The Stages of Grief After a Wrongful Death

Understanding The Stages of Grief After a Wrongful Death

A wrongful death can be a devastating event for anyone. Each person will experience the stages of grief in their own way and at different rates. Here is a brief overview of how it typically goes:

  1. Denial – This is the first stage of grief. It is a subconscious defense mechanism we employ to protect ourselves from differing from something we cannot comprehend. We feel as if we are in denial because we simply cannot accept the reality of what has happened and what it means for us now and in the future.
  2. Anger – One of the primary characteristics of this stage is anger. The type of anger we experience can be either internal or external; it may come from within, but it’s typical to take out our frustrations and confusion on other people, such as family members and friends. This is especially common when the death was due to negligence or malice by another person.
  3. Bargaining – At this point, we begin to try and come to some sort of deal with God that we will do anything we need to if He will only bring our loved one back. We may also try and make deals with people on earth, such as the negligent person who caused the wrongful death or even those close to us like family members and friends.
  4. Depression – When we begin to comprehend the true reality of what has happened, I can only describe it as something sinking in and settling within our hearts and minds. Now that we fully understand the full extent of our loss, it’s difficult not to become extremely sad and feel a sense of great emptiness. The person is gone from this world and no longer an option for us.
  5. Acceptance – At some point, we will begin to heal from this loss and start to become accustomed to life without them here. This does not mean our loved one is any less missed, but that the healing process has brought us back into acceptance of their absence in our lives. Our feelings of sadness may still be strong, but we are beginning to learn how to live in their absence. At this point, one realizes completely that filing a wrongful death lawsuit won’t bring your loved one back, but it can bring justice to the person.

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  1. Hope- This is where we begin to believe that life will go on. While this stage can be very confusing if it’s not properly handled, it’s also the first step of coming to terms with the fact that someday we are going to die too. This doesn’t necessarily mean suicide, but more so merely understanding what death entails and how it will one day happen to us as well. When we begin to learn how to cope with life without fear, that is when we know we have successfully achieved this stage.
  2. Recovery- The final stage of grief isn’t an actual “stage” at all since it’s a part of living rather than something we do once and then move on from. The recovery stage is actually living life without the fear of death looming over us. To make an analogy, it’s like when you are in your house or apartment at night with all the lights on and suddenly realize when you turn them off that you are still safe.

This is what recovery entails when grieving a wrongful death – when we realize we can still live and be happy without them here. Throughout this grief, it’s also important to seek help from a wrongful death lawyer in Gainesville, GA, as soon as possible. This will help you to cope and better understand the legal process.