Top Tips for a More Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary design, both in terms of the clothes you wear and the décor you choose to add to your interior living designs, is an all-encompassing term for what can be described as modern design features from the 1990s onwards.

So, whether you are in the middle of redesigning your home and are looking for advice, or else are planning a remodelling in the future, continue reading to discover some top tips for a more contemporary home design.

A Decluttered Interior

One element of contemporary design which is undeniably more of a challenge for those people who share their home with their partner, their children, and several pets of varying species is minimalism.

On an elementary level, minimalism is easily represented by the notion of decluttering every room throughout your home, without affecting the functionality of each space.

Some fabulous tips for the effective decluttering of your house include:

  • Take a bag of donated clothing and accessories to the charity store each week
  • Imagine you enter your home as a visitor for the first time and consider your impression
  • Start with one room at a time and only move on when that room is complete

Statement Furniture

Another fundamental component of a property decorated in a more contemporary design feel is that of one or more items of statement furniture.

You could choose to peruse several different designer furniture showrooms in your local area, or else contact renowned interior designer services in Bromley, who will be more than happy to talk you through how to add a piece of statement furniture into your rooms and how best to maximise the impact.

Naturalistic Elements

The notion of bringing the outdoors inside your home is just one aspect of contemporary design, but moreover, a focus on more natural elements will serve to transform any room, from a small cloakroom on the ground floor to your master bedroom at the top.

Specifically, the addition of wooden features, from wood flooring to countertops in the kitchen for a more farmhouse vibe are all excellent ways of creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and ticking the contemporary design box with a permanent marker.

Rooms of a Multifunctional Nature

Finally, perhaps the biggest sign of a contemporary home is the fluidity and flexibility of certain rooms within a home and how they can be changed to suit the purpose of the homeowner at that time.

Modern life is hectic and, as such, your belongings need to be easily accessible at all times yet simultaneously retain a stylistic aesthetic all of their own. For example, your kitchen may well also be the place you not only prepare meals but also sit down and eat them together as a family.

Using furniture which serves to fulfil more than one purpose, such as an ottoman which can be a footstool, as well as an additional option for storage and an additional piece of furniture for when visitors come to stay, is contemporary and useful.