The requirements for obtaining commercial licenses are as follows

requirements for obtaining commercial licenses

To apply for a trade license in Dubai, investors must fulfill specific criteria and follow a few steps. The first stage will be to choose the principal mode of operation for the business and any associated activities, which may amount up to ten per commercial license. The investor must decide on the sort of business to register in Dubai, as there are several options. To obtain a, the firm must be registered with the Companies Registry. Following that, the Dubai Department of Economic Development and the UAE Federal Ministry of Economy must receive the following papers from issuing a business license:

  • A business application form that includes both the English and Arabic versions of the firm name.
  • The first leasing contract for the company’s registered address.
  • The Dubai Municipality’s Building Department issued a permit for the company to use the office space as its primary business location.
  • Proof of payment of the trade license application fee.

Commercial licenses permit the following types of business activities:

  • Activities of import and export
  • Electronic items for sale
  • Brokerage services provision
  • Services about real estate
  • Construction supplies for sale.

Dubai commercial licenses are required for tourism firms operating in the emirate and subsidiaries of foreign corporations. The commercial license also applies to companies that provide healthcare services in Dubai. Notably, a Dubai company’s trade license is limited to 10 activities. Following the license receipt, a firm with less than ten operations may add to the list of services or goods.

The business license renewal procedure

A commercial license Dubai is valid for one year from issuance and is renewable. A renewed trade license in Dubai is suitable for four years.

 To renew a Dubai trade license, the following documents must be submitted:

  • The original or a certified copy of the business license
  • A copy of the leasing agreement for the office space,
  • Approval by the appropriate authorities, if necessary
  • Details about employee housing for businesses with a foreign shareholder.

The advantages of possessing a business license

Most international investors are unaware that getting a commercial license entitles individuals starting firms in Dubai to a slew of benefits. Numerous advantages are listed as follows:

  • Tax exemptions and free return of revenue to the foreign investor’s home nation are possible when utilized in a free trade zone.
  • The possibility of engaging Dubai’s company in international trade.
  • Commercial licensees may establish their headquarters in any region of Dubai.
  • A commercial license in Dubai enables firms to offer a variety of items.
  • It streamlines the process of foreign nationals obtaining employment visas.
  • Commercial licenses are not required to submit to audits to renew their licenses.

The commercial license Dubai permits investors who establish enterprises on Dubai’s mainland to operate and sell their products and services across the UAE and worldwide.