The Growing Opportunities Has Increased the Economy in Caldwell, Idaho

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Caldwell is a mid-sized city in Canyon County, Idaho, USA. It is on a river plain at the base of the Boise Mountains. The unemployment rate in Caldwell is 4.6% whereas the average rate in the US is 6.0%. A recent change in the employment rate growth has given many outsiders a chance to come to this city, and all locals who had moved to metropolitan for livelihood are keen to come back to their home town.

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Reasons Behind Caldwell Growth

People are surprised to see how Caldwell has grown within these few years into a hot destination for tourists and neighboring residents. Not a long, the town was called a Ghost Town because there was no business, job opportunities. Ever since the launch of Indian Creek Plaza at the Caldwell downtown the economy of Caldwell has improved. People from other cities like Ada, Owyhee, Nampa, etc. visit the place simply to dine, shop, adventure, and walk through the Indian Creek Plaza.

Highlights of Caldwell


You will find a significant growth in job opportunities. Recent job growth in Caldwell has given people a chance to come back to their hometown.

Standard of Living

The cost of living in Caldwell is 7.0% lower than the national average in the US. This means the utilities, groceries, fuel, and other goods and services are cheaper in Caldwell than in any other city in Idaho.


Caldwell experiences short winters with minimum snow and hot summers. This is why Indian Creek Plaza is an attraction for tourists as it contains water spray which makes kids happy during hot summers.

It is a good time to buy a home and move into Caldwell. When the standard of living is low and job opportunities are still growing, people can still afford to have a decent and peaceful life in Caldwell forever.