The basics of closet organization

The closet is one of the first areas of your home that you start to get organized. The first place that you usually start is with your drawers. There is no point in putting clothes away if they do not fit or are not nice enough to wear. If you have loads of clothes stuffed in drawers, you will not enjoy living in your home.

Like those found in Maple Grove, suburban home is likely to be spacious. Additionally, it encourages hoarding because more room means more possessions. You can fit everything in the space if you have good organizational skills. Further, you will be able to locate everything quickly.

Therefore, study this post to discover more if you’re looking for a closet organization in Maple Grove, MN.

Start with the floors

The floors are the first place most people look at when organizing a closet. When clothes are stuffed in drawers, the floors look dirty and scuffed. That is why starting your organizing work with the floors is essential.

Get some bins

Bins are excellent for storing clothes. They are relatively cheap and are available in different shapes and sizes. They are perfect for storing clothes. You can choose between open bins and bins which have lids. Whatever type of bin you choose, ensure that you fill it up with clothes.

Measure your closets

It is no good just putting clothes in bins. You will have no idea where to put these bins, and you will have far too much mess. The best way to evade this is to measure your closet space. In a suburban space like Maple grove, closet space for all the houses may not be the same. Therefore closet organization in Maple Grove, MN, requires measuring your closets first.

Start with your drawers

Once you have measured your closet space, it is time to start thinking about the drawers. Drawers are one of the best places to put clothes because they allow easy access to specific items. It is ideal for storing shirts and pants.

Use Wire Racks

Wire racks are an excellent alternative to putting clothes in drawers. They are perfect for shoes because they allow for some air to circulate. Over time, the shoes will dry themselves. This will make it easy to find them later.

Leave some space for shoes

It is always a good idea to leave some space for shoes. That way, it will be effortless to put your shoes away if you find that you don’t need to wear them for a few days.

Use the space above your racks

If you find that you have some extra space above your racks, you can use it to store bulky items. For example, jackets, etc.


Now that your closet is completely organized, it is time to create some decorations. Purchase some hanging up storage. These storage pieces come in varied styles and designs. You can choose between modern, rustic, modern rustic, or traditional.

Decorate the storage pieces

Once you have your storage pieces, it is time to decorate them. Create some decorations that will match the theme of your room. This will add to the appeal of the room.

Wrapping Up:

The closet organization may seem messy at first. But when you start getting there, you’ll start finding what works for you and your closet and what doesn’t. Know your personal taste, and with these tips, you’ll get there.