The 5 Biggest Obstacles to Any Full Body Tanning for Beginners

There is nothing as dreadful as realizing you got flawed full-body tanning. You feel like you would take paint of a similar shade to color the uneven part or scrub your skin off the tan.

Here, we share five obstacles and how to prevent them.

      1. Using an Improper Technique

There are various ways of applying a full body tan, including side-to-side and up-and-down. The first one is the most recommended because a client does not get DHA oversaturation. If a non-experienced person tried the up-and-down technique, a client would get uneven tanning.

The first method allows the beautician to finish each round in the negative space, which means you do not have to stop and restart as you would with the up and down technique. Using an improper technique would get some places with darker shades while others are lighter. Instead, you can use the ideal application technique to ensure good results.

      2. White Lines Along Knuckles or Joints

Another obstacle to a full body tanning is the white lines around knuckles and joints. This happens because the tanning machine is unable to penetrate to the core of those lines. To prevent this, a client should make a claw such that the line around the knuckles is smoothened out.

You can hold an apple or a grapefruit to help you maintain the claw until the beautician is through spraying your full body, including your knuckles. That way, the tan can reach all over your body, eliminating the white lines after application.

     3. Getting a Tan With Deodorant Still on

Have you ever seen a green color under your armpit after tanning? The green color appears when tanning before wiping off their deodorant. Usually, the tanning ingredients react with ingredients in deodorants, causing discoloration.

A deodorant is a barrier between the tanning ingredients and your skin. You can avoid getting a discolored underarm by removing all deodorant. You can use exfoliating sluff to remove all the deodorant before getting a tanning service.

      4. Failing to Book for Consultation Before Getting the Service

Nobody wants to get a bad tan. However, without consultation, you are a step closer to getting a bad tan. This is because a lot happens during a consultation to help prevent a bad tan.

For example, you will discuss your skin type during consultation. While at it, your beautician will identify the ideal product for your skin type.

Also, the beautician will test the product on a small part of your skin to see how it reacts to it. The result of that test will tell your beautician whether they can use a product or not.

      5. Shaving After Tanning

If you have any beard and plans to shave soon, you should not get a tan because it will not penetrate through the bearded part. When you shave, you will have a noticeable tan line.

This applies to the bikini area too. If you want a uniform tan, shave before getting a tanning service.

Book Your Full Body Tanning Service

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