SeaTable Solution Has Made Data Sovereignty and Control Easy!

SeaTable looks like Excel but offers more flexibility to work with a team.  SeaTable – Simple Like Excel, Powerful Like a Database. People get to start instantly with the SeaTable Cloud version for free. User name and email address is the only thing needed to get registered. Enjoy the features like unlimited tables; 2GB file memory, team size 25 members, 10,000 lines, community support, 1-month versioning, and script support. 

Upgrade to Plus and Enterprise packages to gain total control of business data using features like advanced sharing permissions, locking rows, advanced customization, and script support. 

SeaTable is capable to deal with every kind of information including text, figures, images, people, formulas, time & date, and single & multi-select. All the data is kept organized through grouping, filtering & sorting. Group, filter, or sort data according to specific criteria or columns. Save these views as templates or freeze them.

SeaTable developers offer plugins for a specific purpose or users can develop their own. Employees or management can enter data themselves using online forms that can be created promptly. The entered data is sent to SeaTable directly. There is no need for double entry. With a few clicks link data smartly with SeaTable records. 

Create professional and helpful graphics immediately for data visualization. Working with a team was never so easy. When a new table is designed, every member instantly enters their ideas. Data and tables are shared easily with team members. Users can decide on who can read the data or edit the content. 

If an external business partner has no SeaTable account, the user can offer them an insight into the data using an individual link for guests. The business partner will see what the user desires to show them. 

SeaTable spreadsheet solution is also optimized for hand-held devices. The features are powerful on every kind of platform users use to access. The interface ideally adapts to small resolutions without any compromise of any functions. 

SeaTable is friendly with every kind of tool. Connect it with hundreds of software and services. The solution has a potent API that offers access to content with ease. 

For choosing OS and hardware for SeaTable installation, choose a self-hosted system. SeaTable Cloud edition on-premises is scalable and users can determine the resources and technology to use. The solution supports common authentication methods like Active Directory & LDAP, SAML, Shibboleth, single sign-on, 2-factor authentication, and OAuth. It even supports clusterable backend like Ceph & S3. 

SeaTable not just seamlessly integrates into any environment but ideally adapts to any business URL, templates, custom color codes, and more. The yearly fee per user for SeaTable Enterprise on-premise is 70 €. For a small team, there are three starter packages. For three users it is free. The license for 10 users is 400€ yearly and 25 users license costs 1,500€ annually. For research & education, the solution is offered at discounted rates. 

SeaTable installation and updates are a breeze. Because the solution is delivered as Docker image, so runs virtually on any Linux OS. Visit and get registered!