Rupin Pass – Iceland of India

Rupin Pass – Iceland of India

For trekkers, the Rupin Pass Trek is a wonderful and exciting trek. This trek is at 4650mts and starts in Dhaula, Uttarakhand. It ends in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh.

  • Region:- Uttarakhand to Himanchal
  • Duration: – 8 Days
  • Grade :- Difficult
  • Max Altitude :- 15,250 Ft.
  • Approx Trekking Km :- 52 Kms.

Rupin Pass This trek is high in altitude and starts at Dhaula, Uttarakhand and ends up at Sangla. You will do most of the following: Trekking in Himachal As much as 80% of the trek route can be found there.

Rupin Pass, a high altitude trek at 15250 feet, is one of the most popular high-range expeditions. Trekking in India. Its popularity is not only due to its high altitude, but also because of the variety of scenery and abrupt variation in trails that it offers.

Every hour you will be amazed at the variety mother nature offers. Rupin Pass Trek. Sometimes the trails are difficult due to steep climbs, but suddenly they become easy walking.

Rupin Pass is a great trek for adventurers as it allows you to trek on any terrain. As you get to the end, you will trek your route through greener and more scenic areas.

Surprises on the Trek

Waterfalls views There will be many waterfalls along the trek. Rupin Valley is home to the most spectacular sights. It boasts thousands of waterfalls that cascade down from such high altitudes it seems like they are coming straight out of the sky.

Jhaka Village, A Hanging Village: It is unique because it is located at the highest point of the mountain, making it seem like it hangs from the cliff.

Snow Bridges Another bonus to the variety of treks is the feeling of walking on snow bridges. The trek will take you to many snow bridges.

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