Ping: Less and High

Every laptop user is playing with his friends or relatives when he is free. But, he faces many problems when the ping is going high and the frame per second is getting down. When you face such problems while playing games, then you will be on the backside at the game and it is only because of high ping. Now, many users are asking why is my ping so high.  Some of the major reasons for high ping are listed below:

  • Quality of internet service provider
  • Geographical location
  • Inadequate bandwidth
  • Configuration of firewalls
  • Speed of internet connection

What is less ping and high ping?

There is not so much difference between less ping and high ping. The main difference between less ping and high ping is the value of ping. If the value of ping is lying between 50 ms to 100 ms, then it is under the category of average ping. The value of ping which is less than 50 ms, or in-between range of 20 ms to 50 ms, then is called less ping. The value of ping which is 150 ms or more than 150ms is high ping the range of high ping is less desirable. In a general statement, it is good to know that less ping is preferable and is in demand. 

Now, a laptop or computer user has understood that less ping value is good. If the ping value goes beyond the range of less ping value, then the situation of stress is raised because the laptop will not work smoothly. A laptop user also knows that how to lower down the ping value without contacting an administrator. Some major tips for lowering down ping value on your own are given below. For getting all tips, read these tips: 

Tips For Lowering Down Ping Value Are:

  1. Restart the modem or router attached to your device.
  2. Try to update the firmware on the router from time to time.
  3. It is always a good practice to avoid VPN or any proxy when you are playing games online.
  4. Choose the best gaming server.
  5. If you are having an outdated router or modem, then try to get the new one.
  6. Use a 5GHz network.
  7. Remove all extra devices from your laptop or computer.
  8. Change your Domain Name System (DNS)
  9. Close all the applications which are running in the background and are of no use.
  10. Change the settings of the router as per your need.
  11. Remove all bandwidth restrictions. 

All such tips will help you a lot. Still, you did not get the best results from the above-listed tips, then ask any laptop expert who knows that how to lower down ping value. It will be best if the ping value goes 0. So, do not think that the ping value cannot be changed if it has been increased. Ping value is a flexible value and is changing from 0ms to 100ms or more.