Navigating The Best Nanny In Town! 5 Ways To Find A Good Stay In Nanny In Singapore

As a new mum, the safety and security of your little one have got to be one of the most critical things for motherhood. Choosing the most suitable person to look after your offspring is crucial and a big deal. First, you will entrust your newborn with the stay in nanny in Singapore. Second, you should manage some strong emotions that may come unexpectedly in your relationship with your nanny, including envy, jealousy, and trust.

If you’re reading this article, you probably need nanny services in Singapore but are unsure of how you can get a good one. Keep scrolling to discover some suggestions on finding the best nanny.


You can begin finding a stay in nanny in Singapore by going online and checking for pre-screened nannies from caregiver listings websites. These websites can provide information about the nanny, including their references, background check, experience, salary requirements, contact details, and availability. A few popular platforms and websites for nanny listings are Babysits, Kidibliss, Aunty, and Caregiver Asia.


You can also hire a nanny in Singapore through university job boards. Most universities have job boards for students to help them look for jobs and fund their studies. So if you need a part-time babysitter or someone available for a full-time nanny position, getting a working student may be a good option.


Another way to find nanny services in Singapore is through social media sites like Facebook. Look for nanny available listings or Facebook groups. The suggestions for nannies here are endless. You may even find recommendations for nannies from a friend, relative, or acquaintance.


If you want to hire a credible nanny in Singapore, the best and safest bet is through nanny agencies. Although it comes with a hefty price, agencies can help you save time and effort from looking for a nanny. They will interview you regarding your needs and send you several portfolios of candidates that can meet your requirements. You may also check the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to find registered nanny agencies.


You can also bag the best confinement lady from a recommendation from friends and family. Ask them for references, the experience, treatment, and nanny services in Singapore provided by their previous nanny.

It can take a while to get a good stay in nanny in Singapore, but you may find it more convenient when you use this list! Also, never hesitate to interview your candidate and check their background. After all, you’re entrusting your little one to them.

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