Montessori Together: Early Learning Up To 18 Months

Montessori Together is a program that offers a learning environment for children up to even months old. This is a safe community where children and parents will get to bond while ensuring that every child will learn in this structured environment. Here family connection is very important, and it has become the main reason why many parents are sending their children to this community. Join now and discover what this community is offering today.

Why choose us?

It is guaranteed that this is more than a playgroup, as it will serve a nurturing community where learning will be achieved and connection between the families and their young child will be observed. Even social connections among the children will be built. This is a supportive community for every family who wants the best for their young child. Through the Montessori Together program, every child will surely experience a stimulating environment that will help them be more curious about exploring things around them. Surely this will help them learn and grow more, as children and parents will be guided by the professional and compassionate staff.

Let your child have this in-class experience, where parents will have the opportunity to also guide their child on exploring different things that they need to learn. From learning how to eat and drink by themselves to learning how to walk independently and be open to interacting with others, surely this program will help every child and parent to have a more day-to-day coping situation. Knowing that children, who are 18 months old and below, are very curious about different things around them, it is really important to send them to the best learning community that will help them grasp things in the right way.

This program also goes beyond the classroom experience where new parents get the chance to connect with other families through the known “Get-Togethers”, which is included in the program. This is very fun for children to see other people whether they are the same as their age or adults because it will spark their curiosity to meet new people.

About the Montessori Together Curriculum

Here, babies will be categorized and two different Montessori Together Curriculums, namely:

  • Montessori Together Crawlers –  This is the program best for babies up to 18 months where they will learn and develop basic learning skills which include walking and talking.
  • Montessori Together Walkers – Here, more complex objects will be given to children up to 18 months for them to explore and develop their problem solving skills. Here children are most likely taught how to be independent but still guided by their parents and staff.

Parents want their children to be sent to a nurturing community that is more than a baby playgroup hk can easily visit the website of Guidepost Montessori. As you get to their website, you will be aware of their different locations and further information. Feel free to inquire now by filling out and completing the brief form posted on their website, and rest assured that the team will get in touch with you as soon as they receive your message.